Sunday, November 3, 2013

First Baptism!

1st baptism! The Lord is truly working miracles in Paraguay. this girl, Talia, had been taught by the missionaries a year or two ago, and her grandma got baptized, but she ''didnt want anything to do with baptism.'' Elder muñoz and i had passed by a couple times to say hi and invite them to church, but nothing more. one day, she just showed up at church and that week she told us she wanted to get baptized. i honestly feel like i didnt do anything in this, it was all the Lord. of course, we visited almost every day in the past couple weeks and shared messages, but our efforts wouldn't have amounted to anything if she hadn't been prepared.

we've had some other pretty cool experiences too, in finding people. we started teaching a family who lives near Talia, who is friends with her, and they're practically ready to get baptized. the mom is a member, but inactive, and her son and his girlfriend are awesome. after our first lesson, we invited them to read the scriptures and pray together that night (to the guy and his girlfriend (who also lives there)) and the next day we visited them to ask them if they had read, the girl, maria, said that they had, and that she had felt something really special, and had felt closer as a family. on top of that, the guy, jorge, had found a job the next day, when he had previously not had work. its amazing to actually see the power this gospel has. 

we also found a girl named gloria, who, when we taught her about the book of mormon, said she already had one. some missionaries had given it to her years ago, but never followed up. she had never read it, but still had it, and she said she already knew it was scripture from God, because three times, she had tried to throw it away when she was tidying up, but each time, had just instantly gotten a headache, that went away when she decided to not throw it away. we havent been able to follow up with her yet, but its just incredible how when we follow the Spirit, we can find people that have truly been prepared to hear us. there's a ton more cool stories, but i don't have a ton of time, and hopefully they'll be more relevant later.

sorry i havent been sending a ton of pictures, it's just that a lot of the computers arent in very good shape, and the usb ports dont work. ill try to send some next week.

i got the package from grandma on tuesday, which was awesome. i've been studying Jesus the Christ a ton, it's a super awesome book. i read it in all of my spare time, and i can barely bring myself to put it down. 

i also went on splits this week with one of the zone leaders, elder asay. from what we can tell, his dad is cousins with brother asay's dad. he's a super chill guy and an awesome missionary. i also realized that i'm incredibly blessed to have the area that i have, because both times that i've gone on splits, the areas have had more fields and stuff and there's been a ton more mosquitos, whereas my area is nearly all just streets and buildings, and theres not many mosquitos.

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