Monday, January 6, 2014

January 6, 2014

this week was pretty swell. we had 7 investigators come to church, which is miraculous after having 1 last week and none the week before. one day in the week before last, we were on our way home contacting, and a family invited us in. we entered, conversed a bit, taught lesson 1, and set a time to come back, but it wasnt a super great lesson, and i didnt think much of it afterwards. the next week, we showed up to the appointment a bit late (cus we hadnt thought they were really that interested, and had been visiting some other people) and the mom told us that they had been waiting for us, but everybody had left cus we had come late, and she told us that her daughter wanted to come to church on sunday and that she had commented about the lesson to her sister (who hadnt been present) and that she wanted to come too. we werent able to teach them again last week, but we passed by on sunday to take them to church and they were sitting outside waiting for us. the mom couldnt go cus she was sick and i think the dad was working but the two girls went and they loved it. it also worked out super great cus right as we walked up, one of the counselors in the young womens presidency who lives nearby was walking to church a little ways off and they all went together. they dont have a baptismal date but they should be able to get baptized the saturday before the next transfer (in which i'll probably get changed) and if their parents both go the next two sundays they'll all be able to get baptized together which would be awesome. the parents are nilda and javier and their daughters are diana, joana, y angelica (who stayed home with her mom on sunday)

another investigator,ana, came who we've been teaching for a while but until now hasnt been able to come to church. shes the daughter of juana and the aunt of thalia, and used to go to church with her grandma, but hadnt been able to recently because she was pregnant. she gave birth a couple weeks ago, and still cant walk much because they had to operate, but took a taxi to church. three of her daughters came with juana and thalia, and she and her son and her baby showed up during sacrament meeting. her husband works some sundays, and they say they wanna get baptized as a family, but we're gonna see if we can baptize her and her kids first to encourage her husband a bit more.

we also visited an investigator that had formerly been in the area of the other missionaries in the branch but the areas got changed and hes in ours. we werent able to teach anything but we invited him to go to church on sunday. his mom, mirna, him, isaias, and his brother have a long history with the church (the mom is familiar with gordon b hinckley) but never got baptized. we went on sunday to bring him, but nobody came out when we clapped, except the dog. he told us when he got to church that the dog had gone inside barking and that he remembered he needed to go to church and got up and went.

we also talked to marcelo, and he told us that he doesnt want to get baptized anymore and that he doesnt want us to come to his house anymore. we taught hernan on wednesday and saturday and he said he was gonna come to church but he didnt come.

also i did splits with the zone leader on wednesday which was cool. he did splits with elder barahona on tuesday, and on wednesday there were no buses cus it was new years so he stayed another day to do splits with me.

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