Monday, February 2, 2015

February 2, 2015


this week was pretty chill (apart from the fact that it was really hot)

we've kept teaching Cecilia, and she's progressing well. she went to church yesterday and is set to get baptized this saturday, as long as her dad is okay with it. also one day we were teaching Cecilia in the house of a member and the members sister (Tranquilina) was there and also listening, and then she butt in a bit and said that she didnt think that Cecilia's ready to be baptized, and that she wants to get baptized too. she also came to church yesterday and if there's no problems she may get baptized this saturday too.

we also went and visited the guy who was drinking (Sergio) again, with a member, who happened to know him from before. he accepted a baptismal date, but when we went the following day, he said that his daughter didnt want him to listen to us, and that his daughter gives him work, so he wouldnt be able to get baptized. we promised that he'd never be in need of anything if he got baptized and trusted in God and the Spirit was super strong but he's still not sure about going to church or getting baptized.

last week we had a lunch set with a less active family, and we went to eat with them and they had a new housekeeper(MarĂ­a). we taught a little bit and she accepted a baptismal date, but on sunday didnt come to church. we went again and taught her this week and realized that she doesnt speak a lot of spanish. we asked the member to explain prophets in guarani and he told the story of the Restoration. but we taught about prophets and the restoration as well as we could in broken jopara (mixed, meaning a mix of spanish and guarani). it was interesting to see that as we taught in spanish she didnt really understand but when we made our best effort, even if it was just 5% guarani and 95% spanish, God interceded and helped her to understand the point we were trying to convey. she wasnt able to come to church again this week either cus she had a headache, and basically the same thing happened to another investigator, Robert, but i'm pretty sure they'll both end up coming and getting baptized.

yesterday we had a member who's visiting from another ward but he wanted to accompany us in the afternoon. we went to a part member family, where we've been teaching for awhile without a whole lot of progress, and as we sat down, Richard (who's not a member) just opened up a ton and told the member about everything we've been teaching him and his feelings and his doubts and everything. it was pretty incredible to see how he opened up to the member when we had been working for almost two transfers with him without anything like that. it really helped a lot in his progress. that said, accompany the missionaries in your wards.

today i went to a leadership council which was pretty cool. we had to wake up at 5 and take a taxi to the office cus the buses are always super full in the mornings but i learned a lot and we ate burger king.

its still really hot. and we found a scorpion in our house last night. also my watch broke and i fixed it with a staple.

Elder Woodfield

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