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February 16, 2015

hola que tal

this week was pretty good. i didnt have transfers, i'm still in kennedy with the same companion. i was at first a bit disappointed, but later on realized why. i believe i've written a few times about the Villalba family - the daughter wanted to get baptized, the mom had some doubts, and the dad wasnt really interested. we've now been teaching just the dad for a couple weeks, as the daughter and the mom work in the day and go to college at night. the first lesson we had with just him, he really opened up a lot more, and the day after transfers, we went and visited him, and he said something interesting. he said that the missionaries had gone to visit his family before, and that he hadnt liked them, and that he had purposefully tried to interrumpt the teaching. once, when the missionaries were teaching his daughter, he told his daughter they were going to leave, they all got in the car, and left the missionaries sitting there alone. he then said that he wasnt sure how, but that we had really gotten to him, and he liked recieving us. that helped me be a bit more content with not being transferred.

also on tuesday we had a miracle! we went to a lunch that we had set with a less active family, and it fell through. we were far from home so we decided to just not eat lunch. we went and visited another less active family that lives nearby, and discovered that there's an unbaptized child who's going to turn 9 next month. we taught them and then after the lesson, they asked if we had eaten and offered us food. it wasnt a whole lot, but it was good and a whole lot better than nothing.

6 weeks ago we visited a guy whose name is dionisio. we taught him, he liked it, but said he was really busy with work. we invited him to go to church on sunday and he told us to call him and remind him. the number didnt work or something and we forgot about him and didnt go any more. this saturday we went and he said he had been waiting for us to call him that day to go to church but we never called so he didnt go. but anyways now he's on vacations from his work and wants to get baptized! he couldnt go to church yesterday but we're gonna visit him this week to help him go to church and hopefully be baptized next saturday.

this week it rained a little bit, and wasnt super hot. on tuesday it rained a lot, and we passed a good amount of the day walking through flooded streets singing hymns (mostly ''Dios da valor'' (im not sure what its called in english, but that means God gives courage))

cecilia went to church on sunday, and has her baptism planned for March 7th

Elder Woodfield

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