Saturday, July 18, 2015

July 13, 2015

hola que tal

this week was pretty swell. we had one investigator in church, Rosana, who is the sister in law of a recent convert, but probably wont be getting baptized in the near future, because her boyfriend needs to get a divorce before they can get baptized. 

we've continued working with Sara and Adilson. they started to read the Book of Mormon this week, but didnt end up going to church again. Sara talked to her mom and she doesnt want Sara to get baptized, so now we're going to focus on her getting a testimony so that she'll get baptized igual. we also watched the video of the Restoration this week and she liked it.

we've been teaching the Aguayo family, and this week were focused on Jasmin and Pamela, the two girls (8 and 9) who went to church with Emelia. we taught them the Law of Chastity, the Sabbath Day, the Word of Wisdom, and Tithing. when we taught the law of chastity we simply told them that before having kids they have to get married, and they responded saying that they never want to have kids. it was pretty funny. but when we went on saturday to visit them, Emelia hadnt gotten there still and they didnt end up going to church on sunday, and on sunday we went and Emelia had gone to visit a friend, so hopefully we'll be able to find her the coming weekend.

on sunday we visited everyone that we had planned and didnt have anything else to do so we went and visited a former investigator. first they asked us to come back a bit later, so we agreed. they normally hide from us so i assumed that when we got there again, that they would hide and that we would continue on our way. but when we got there they didnt hide! the dad didnt want to share, so we couldnt teach them, but we talked a bit with two of his daughters who went to church twice before and they want to get baptized! we set their date for the 25th.

also funny story. on saturday, after the Aguayo family, we had an appointment with Adilson and Sara, and had coordinated with a member to meet us near their house at 7 30. he called us at 7 20 and said that he was already there, and we were still quite a ways away, so we decided to run. we ran about 3 kilometers, and on the way my companion lost his agenda and almost lost his plaque. then the following day we were in the same place, walking towards Adilson and Sara, when a bus came, so we ran across the street to get it and my agenda fell out in the middle of the street, so i had to run back into the street to grab it.

also yesterday i gave a talk. i was originally planning to talk on one thing but then in sacrament meeting i felt i shouldnt, so i ended up talking about service, and how we can serve and help those who are spiritually hungry, sick, and naked.

I know that this is Gods work and that He loves all his children. He is merciful and desires the salvation of all of us.

Elder Woodfield

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