Sunday, December 29, 2013

December 16

this week was a bit crazy. on wednesday i had to go to the dentist again, and again for the last time on friday. i've felt a bit sick all week, but it was worst on thursday, so i just rested all day thursday until we had to go out to do the baptismal interviews. rodrigo and tamara did fine, but ernan wasnt home, even though we had had a set hour with him, and he's always waiting for us when we have set appointments. on saturday, when we finally thought we'd be able to get some work done before the baptisms, our ceiling fan fell while we were studying and cut elder muñoz' head open, so we had to go to the hospital, and afterwards, didnt get anything done til the baptism. we rarely used the fan, because it made weird noises, and we had always said it was going to kill someone, we just never knew who or when until saturday. he started bleeding, we put some salt on the wound to stop the blood, and went to the hospital where he got three stitches (the wound was like 2 inches long and should've had a lot more than three stitches, but we're in paraguay). he was actually really lucky, cus we had just recently moved the table a foot or two, and if we hadnt it probably wouldve hit him in the temple or the face, and really screwed him up. and even afterwards, saturday only continued to hold problems for us. tamara called and said she didnt want to get baptized on saturday, cus she had done her makeup all fancy and stuff. we decided to just baptize rodrigo on saturday, and baptize tamara sunday morning before church, which was kind of a pain. the wedding was scheduled for 630, and the secretary of the mission called us earlier and said that the judge (the mission has a judge that does weddings in asuncion) had another wedding right after ours so everyone needed to be early, so everybody showed up around 6, and the judge didnt show up til like 6 45. everything went fine in the wedding, but afterwards we went to the font and it was locked, and the other missionaries had left to look for one of their investigators that was also set to get baptized. we called them and they ran back to unlock the font. we also had a bit of trouble getting the baptismal clothes we had in the chapel to fit rodrigo, but everything ended up working out. the next morning we went to the church right away after waking up, and just had a small thing with literally 5 people in total. everything ended up going pretty well in the end. theyre super cool.

we met with hernan a couple times this week, to keep preparing him to get baptized, but he had started expressing some doubts about whether he was ready or not. we explained that their would be an interview to determine that and he didnt need to worry. we set a time for the interview, but when he went to get him and take him to the church with us, he wasnt home. we went to the church to meet up with the zone leaders and elder muñoz and one of the zone leaders went to do the interviews of rodrigo and tamara. afterwards they went to try and find hernan again but he still wasnt there, and wasnt answering his phone. we ended up finding him home the next day, and he told us that he didnt feel ready, and that he hadnt felt anything at church but he had just felt obligated to go by us. he still says he thinks we're good people and sent from God and he's gonna keep reading the book of mormon to keep preparing himself for baptism, but i'm not really sure that he's gonna progress anymore.

miguel is super cool. we went to his house this week to talk with him, and he had read the two pamphlets we had left him and had started to read the book of mormon. he understands everything super well and is super excited to keep learning and to get baptized. based on the current plans, i think he's gonna get baptized this weekend. 

i cant really think of anything else to write, cus we could barely do anything this week, but i do have a ton of pictures to send

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