Sunday, December 15, 2013

November 25

this week didnt have any days that were really super hot, which was cool. we had interviews with the mission president on tuesday, which lasted most of the day, and by the time we were done it was raining harder than i've ever seen it rain in my life. we still had two hours of study to do, so elder munoz and i went back to the house. when we got to the street that separated us from a house, it was a river probably about 3 inches deep, at least. we crossed it and got inside, and everything that i had had with me was wet. my spanish preach my gospel is in horrible shape, and my scriptures aren't in super great shape either. it was pretty crazy.
rodrigo and tamara didnt get baptized last weekend, cus they wanted to be able to plan their wedding well, and as of tuesday, hadnt done any of the necessary plans. it's now set for this saturday, but thats not sure either, cus this sundays fast sunday and in south america you start fasting after lunch the day before instead of after dinner, so we're going to see if we can change it to either be in the morning on saturday or on friday. hopefully it works out.
the only investigator we had at church was rodrigo, cus this week was stake conference so it's a bit harder to get people to go. tamara didnt go cus she was visiting family. nelly had said she would go, and her brother elvis as well, and we said we would pass by to go with them, but when we got to their house nobody was awake. we taught them as a family this week (along with another sister and their mother) and it was a crazy lesson. nelly and elvis have good potential, and their mom and sister could follow their example maybe, but every one of them has different doubts and different questions, and it's impossible to help them all in one lesson. if we focus on teaching nelly and answering her questions, it's just going to go over the heads of lorena and their mom. if we focus on motivating elvis, it's not gonna help nelly, and lorena is going to be telling elvis to just tell us that he doesnt want to, when he does want to, he's just lazy. if we focus on the doubts of lorena and answering her questions, we're wasting time going over things 5 times that we've already gone over with the rest, and which the rest already understand and accept.
we made an awesome contact this week too. we were looking for a reference, and asked an older man on the street if he knew where she lived, and he replied that he didnt but afterwards said 'teach me about mormonism'. elder munoz and i were just like sure thing, and started teaching lesson one. almost right away, he interrupted us and started asking questions about the gold plates, so we taught him about the book of mormon a bit. he took one and said he would read it. we saw him again the next day, and talked with him a bit more, and he's just super prepared to hear the gospel. he commented to us that nothing that we had taught conflicted with the bible, and that nowhere in the bible does it say that God cant talk to people other than the israelites, which was super awesome, cause it's usually a battle to get people to realize that. i testified to him that the church was the church of Jesus Christ, and that it had been established on the earth by a prophet called of God, to which he responded 'i believe you'. that moment was amazing; i felt like ammon when he was teaching king lamoni. he's brazilian and has a weird accent, and sometimes he throws in portuguese words that i dont understand, but i can get the general meaning just the same. i didnt even realize that at times he wasnt speaking spanish until elder muñoz told me afterwards. also we're not sure if he even lives in our area, cus both times we've talked to him at his place of work, so hopefully he does, cus he's super awesome.
elder muñoz made me eat chicken foot this week. we bought an entire chicken last monday, and by saturday we had run out of all our food except the last parts of the chicken and some noodles. it really wasnt that bad, it's just that when i was in china i didnt know how to eat it, but now i do.

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