Sunday, February 2, 2014

January 20, 2014

this week was kind of lame, cus elder chale was sick saturday and sunday so we didnt do anything, he laid in bed and i studied the old testament.

only diana and joana came to church yesterday, and even they almost didnt come. we hadnt planned to pass by their house (cus hermana francisca always brings them to church) but their house is on the way to the rest of the places we were going so when we passed by we stopped to say hi. Diana was seated outside with a damp cloth over her head and said she didnt feel good, and that they werent going to be able to go to church. we offered to give her a blessing, and after giving it asked her how she felt. she said that the pain had gone away, and i asked if she was ready to go to church, and she said yes and jumped up to get ready. it was an incredible experience and strengthened my testimony a ton, that this is truly the Lord's work and he's going to do what it takes to help us, even miracles. they're gonna get baptized this saturday, and they're inviting all their friends and family to go. Joana also commented to us that she wants to go on a mission, but her mom said she doesnt want her to go, so we suggested that for now she just accompany the sister missionaries that are in our district, and she's super excited to do it. their mom wants to go to church too and is reading the book of mormon but always seems to have something come up sunday morning.

we visited a less active family this week too, who we found a few weeks ago. i'm not sure if i've written about them or not yet, so i'm gonna write now. we were walking down the street after an appointment fell through, and we contacted a guy standing in the street drinking tereré. he told us about how he had been in prison and used to drink and do drugs and stuff but how he wants to change his life, and that as he saw as walking up, he started to go inside twice but felt he should stay outside. we set an appointment with him for the next day. we went to the appointment and a teenager came out, and we asked for raul. he told us raul lived on the corner, and we found the house where he supposedly lived but could never find him there. the teenager also told us that he and a few other people in his family are members but havent gone in forever. this week we were in that area and i thought to myself 'raul doesnt live there but we can share with the less actives' so we went and they invited us in and raul came out. we cleared up that raul did in fact live there, but the teenager who had talked to us called raul by a nickname and didnt realize that he was who we were looking for. we started to share with one of the girls who is a member and was the only person who wasnt distracted (it was their grandmas birthday and everyone was blowing up balloons) and she said that for now she goes to another church and she feels confused like Joseph Smith. we asked her if she had prayed and received an answer before being baptized and she said yes, so we read from d and c 8 where Joseph Smith is receiving revelation for oliver cowdery and says something like this ''if you have doubts think back on that night when i spoke peace to your mind, what greater testimony can you have than from God'' and she said okay i realize now i'm gonna start going back to church. it was super cool. afterwards raul passed by and i asked him if he wanted to be baptized and when, and he said i want to get baptized when she gets baptized and we said she already got baptized, when you were in prison and he said how professional. it was super funny. but anyways we went by sunday morning and raul had been out drinking and had gotten stabbed (he already us like a hundred scars, across his chest and back and arms) and everyone was in the hospital except the girl who had to take care of her grandpa. it was pretty lame but next sunday will be better.

the weather's been pretty swell this week too, it wasnt super hot except for the days when elder chale was sick.

odds are i'll get transferred the 29th, but i'm not gonna be financiero, or at least not for now, cus there's already a new financiero. could be that i stay here too, i wont know til the 28th

i cant think of anything else so here you go

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