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September 15, 2014


this week was a bit slow. on monday we went and visited bernardita. she told us that she's been reading the book of mormon every day, but she doesnt believe that our church is the true church cus she doesnt believe that Christ established a church when he was here, she thinks he just left his teachings and that any church that tries to follow his teachings can be a true church. due to that, she wouldnt commit either to praying to know if the church was true, as thats a possibility that she hasnt even considered yet - that there can only be one true church. she didnt accept a baptism date cus she said shes really busy with school. we explained she just had to keep doing what she was doing - reading the book of mormon every day and coming to church - and not much else. she still wouldnt accept and as normal she didnt accept an appointment to come back, saying that she would call us. we tried passing again during the week but we werent able to find her. we called her saturday to invite her to church and she said she would come - with much more surety than she said the week before - but she didnt show up and didnt answer us when we called on sunday.

we taught sergio too, and it went similarly. we asked if he thought our church was the true church (weve established that he believes in the book of mormon and joseph smith) and he said that he thought any church that follows Christ's teachings is a good church. we asked if he thought more than one church could have authority from God, and he realized that thats not the way that it is. he said he's gonna talk with the guy he works with on sundays to see if he can go a bit later, so that he can come to church this coming sunday.

on thursday we went to do service in a military hospital. we got there at 10 and they told us to come back at 3. we went and finished studying and then we were at the hospital working until 8. we got back to our area and i just wanted to go home and finish studying (we have four hours every day as im training so we hadnt been able to finish all of it) without trying to do the contacts (we have to do 5 contacts every day and so far with Elder Call we've done all of them every day) so i was just walking with Elder Blackett and Elder Powell back towards house, and then Elder Blackett pointed out to me that Elder Call was over in front of a house contacting some people. i went and we contacted them and then found more people to be able to finish all the contacts. it was pretty cool.

on monday we went as a district and visited the biggest soccer stadium in paraguay, called defensores del chaco (defenders of the chaco) and went to the soccer museum too. it was pretty cool.

on sunday we had faith and a member brought a relative to church who's living with her, and we're gonna go teach him on tuesday. it shows that when we do our part with faith God gives us miracles.

i know that this church is truly the one and only church of Christ on the earth, and the only organization that has the authority and the keys to be able to act in his name.

Elder Woodfield

 ive decided to retire as a missionary and become a chipero

 defensores del chaco

me entering the stadium with a rugby ball

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