Sunday, October 19, 2014

September 29, 2014

this week was pretty dang swell. we were able to get the participation of the members a heck of a lot more than before and saw miracles.

on tuesday a less active family called us and asked us to go to give them blessings as a couple were sick. we called the branch president to ask him to send someone and he asked us to go, so we went and gave two blessings and taught a bit about the responsibilities that come with blessings from the Lord. the mom (who is the most active member) said she wanted to go and wanted her kids to go but she had been sick so nobody had gone for a while. on sunday almost the whole family came, even a few who are more less active than the rest.

on wednesday we saw a lot of miracles. we went and taught one of our investigators, Jose, who we found a couple weeks ago. we found him contacting, set an appointment, and when we went back he was waiting for us (that almost never happens). hes a really good guy, and is active in the Catholic church but said he really liked talking to us, and that he realized that a lot of churches do a lot of things that dont go along with the bible. the first time we taught him we invited him to be baptized but he didnt accept. the second time we left him a book of mormon with 3 Nephi 11 marked, and the third time he had read all of it, as well as the introduction and the testimonies, and he accepted a baptismal date! he couldnt come to church on sunday cus he was on vacation but it was awesome.

then we went to the church in the evening for fellowshipping night (a weekly activity here in paraguay for all the branch members) and one of the youth was there with her friend, Isaías. we had taught him before (in my first transfer here) but he hadnt really showed much interest. but on wednesday his friend called us over and said hey Isaías wants to be a member of the church! so we started to teach him again and its going pretty great. he didnt come to sacrament meeting on sunday, but he lives close to the church so we went to his house before the classes started and he came for the last two hours.

also in the fellowshipping night they were doing a practice for the primary program. Cristina, a recent convert, had invited a friend (Elena) to go to the activity and her son participated in the practice. we contacted her friend and taught her on friday and had an awesome lesson with her. we taught about being clean of her sins through the gospel and she said ''well i dont know if i can get baptized twice but if i can i want to do it again, like Christ did it.'' it was amazing. she didnt come to church on sunday and we dont know why, cus Cristina didnt come either.

we taught Martin and Giseña again too on saturday and they came to church again, and Giseñas daughter was in the primary program. it seemed like she liked the primary program quite a bit, but she still doesnt want a baptismal date. we gave her a teaching record so that she can see all that she's learning and all that she's progressing so i hope that that will help.

it's starting to get a bit hotter again. i think thats all. here you go.

Elder Woodfield

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