Sunday, October 19, 2014

September 22, 2014


this week was pretty great, and we saw a couple miracles. on tuesday we had a zone conference, and our zone was assigned the special musical number. i'm the best piano player in the zone so i had to play the piano, but it turned out pretty good. we sang count your blessings. we got home at like four and had to study so we got to go out and work for just like two hours, and we unfortunately didnt get all our contacts.

on wednesday i did divisions with the district leader which was pretty cool.

on friday we went to visit a former investigator, Luz. i found her contacting once with Elder Blackett, and then we looked at her teaching record when we got back and saw that she had stopped investigating cus her dad said he wouldnt pay her college anymore if she kept listening to the missionaries, so we didnt end up going back. this week we ended up visiting her again, and we talked about the faith, and that faith comes before miracles. that she needs to get baptized with faith and God will provide so that she can keep studying. shes studying medicine and has seen a lot of people die, so she asked why God doesnt do miracles and save those people, and my comp shared a story about his cousin, who had a rare genetic uncurable disease (which she had heard of) who was healed by a priesthood blessing. after that she accepted a baptism date and it was a super spiritual lesson but then she didnt end up coming to church.

on saturday we went to visit Sergio. he was able to get work off yesterday to come to church, but he said that he had talked to his boss and that only very rarely would he be able to get work off on sundays. theres a member trying to help him look for a job, so hopefully he'll be able to stop working on sundays completely soon. but he came yesterday and he liked it.

also on saturday we were able to visit a part member family that we've been trying to visit for a while. about two months ago, we asked a member for a reference and she told us to visit her brother (Martin), who is a member, and his girlfriend(Giseña), who's not. we passed by briefly and talked to them a few times, but theyre only home at night and on weekends, and Giseña's grandma is sick so they usually go at night to the hospital to visit her so its a bit tough to sit down and teach them. so this week we were walking by and we saw them at home and went to talk to them. Martin had crashed his car so we gave him the number of a recent convert who's a mechanic and set an appointment with him to visit them on saturday. we went, got to know them a bit, and taught lesson 1. Giseña liked it all, accepted baptism, but wouldnt accept a date. but they came to the sacrament meeting yesterday and they liked it. also Giseñas daughter has been coming to church a lot with Martins sister, so she's gonna be in the primary presentation this coming sunday so theres a good chance they come again.

also im sure youre all eager to know how bernardita is doing but something happened and we're not teaching her anymore.

theres another less active member,Cristian, that i've visited various times during my time here whose wife, Susana, and daughter, Azucena, arent members. we always share with them and they always say that they cant go this sunday, but they will the next. this week we saw that he had taken down the front wall, so we asked if he wanted help to rebuild it. we went today to help them and he said that he's gonna go this sunday. he said he's gonna be working late and not get home til the morning, but that he's gonna make the sacrifice and go. it was pretty cool and shows how much a simple service can help people to see that we really care.

but anyways i think thats everything exciting that happened.

Elder Woodfield

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