Wednesday, April 29, 2015

April 13, 2015

hola que tal

this week was pretty chill. Nathanael got confirmed yesterday, and then during the time of testimonies he got up and gave his testimony! it was pretty cool. we also saw some miracles in our area, and a lot of help from God in being able to find and teach new people.

on monday we went to a members house (we were going to ask one of their sons to go with us to an appointment) and when we got there they said hey our sons girlfriend (belén) is here, and she went to the conference yesterday, can you guys baptize her? we taught her and she wants to get baptized, but is currently living with the members cus her grandma kicked her out of her house so she cant get baptized until she moves again (to live the law of chastity). but she prayed and asked God what she should do and then that night she had a dream in which all of her family was together again and they were getting along, so now she's going to try to follow the example of Nephi in 1 Nephi 3 and 4 and go try to reconcile with her family without necessarily knowing how or what will be the end result. she went to church again yesterday and likes church a lot, and believes that its true

also last week we were walking around in one of the furthest parts of our area, where we havent contacted a whole lot, and a lady stopped us on the street and asked us to visit her. turns out she's a member, and this week we went and taught her and 5 of her grandchildren! they all accepted baptismal dates, and one of them ended up coming to church on sunday.

we also went to a house where people had told us that members lived before, but that they had moved, and we discovered that two members still live there, with a lot of friends. we went to teach them and Richard (member) asked us if we could baptize his girlfriend (Pamela). we replied that we could, but asked him if he remembered what the Law of Chastity is. he looked down in shame, and asked us why we had asked him that. we explained a bit about the law of chastity, and explained that she could get baptized, but they would first have to stop living together or get married. they thought for a little bit, and then he said well we're gonna get married then. we really saw what Paul described as ''godly sorrow'', and the capacity that it has to drive people towards repentance. they ended up not being able to go to church on sunday but are reading in the Book of Mormon

also cool story - on thursday we were walking towards an appointment and we saw a young man walking down the street towards us. we said hi to him and he stopped to shake our hands, and asked if we could go to his house. he said he had been inactive for 5 years, but that day he had woken up and wanted to go back to church. he said that he had sat outside all day to see if we would walk in front of his house, and then at about 5 o clock he got tired and left to go visit some family, but as soon as he left his house he saw us walking up. he wasnt able to go to church on sunday either but committed to go next week sí o sí

it was pretty hot this week.

Elder Woodfield

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