Sunday, April 12, 2015

March 2, 2015


this week was pretty great. a few challenges and setbacks but a few miracles too.

the first good news is that Cecilia's going to get baptized on saturday! on tuesday we were on divisions with the zone leaders, and i stayed in kennedy. we went to teach Cecilia, and i realized that she was all ready for her interview so i mentioned it to Elder Wilson. we werent sure if she would have permission, but he did the interview anyways and said that it was a once in a lifetime interview. i was seated a bit of a ways away with some members but during her interview i saw her smiling and telling everything she had learned to Elder Wilson, and i was just overcome with joy. it was pretty incredible. her parents had said a month ago that if she still wanted to get baptized in march that she could, but we were worrying that they had just said that to make it further away, and that they would do the same this time. but we went on sunday to talk to her parents, and her mom gave us permission without problems, and committed to come to the baptism on saturday

on thursday we did divisions too, with the other elders in the ward, and i went to the other area. we had had an appointment with Dionicio, to teach him and then go to the ward fellowship night with him too, so that he could meet some members. my companion went to visit him and his wife came out and said that Dionicio was working and that we should go back in two weeks. we were a bit discouraged, but had promised to pass by on sunday morning to take him to church, so we did. we clapped quite loudly like 5 times but nobody came out (his daughters quinceaƱos (latin version of sweet sixteen, but a year early) had been the night before, and they had been up quite late). we went back later in the day and he told us that he had been sleeping in his neighbors house until 11, but that he still wants to get baptized and that he's going to attend church this week without fail.

we also went to visit the less active family who happened to give us lunch two weeks ago, and we've been teaching Hector, their child who hasnt been baptized still, and we're helping him prepare to be baptized the 21st of March. they couldnt go to church yesterday cus they live really far, and the dad took the car to work, but this sunday he's gonna work close to church so he's going to be able to drop off his family. we had an appointment with them yesterday, and we needed somebody to accompany us (the dad's usually not home), so in church we went and asked a couple youth who are preparing for the mission what they were going to do that afternoon, and they answered ''go out with the missionaries, the Spirit told me to'' which was pretty cool. they came out with us and helped us teach Cecilia´s mom and Hector and his family.

it's still really hot. but last monday when we were in our house it hailed a little bit.

Elder Woodfield

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