Wednesday, April 29, 2015

April 20, 2015

hola que tal

it rained quite a bit this week.

Belén went to church again yesterday (and her boyfriend too, who hadnt gone to church before in the five months i´ve been here), but they didnt stay for the classes. we werent able to teach her much this week, so we dont really know where she is in her progress. on friday we went and we taught her the plan of salvation. we left the members house, and saw outside a few old investigators who were the friends of one of the members of the family, and we asked if we could teach them. they didnt have any problems so we went back to the members house with three investigators and taught the plan of salvation again, and Belén helped us a lot to teach it. that was pretty cool

the less active sister (Wenceslada) who had contacted us a couple weeks ago and her grandchildren weren`t able to go to church yesterday, and in the afternoon they werent home, so we're not sure why they didnt go, but we're gonna keep visiting them this week

we went back to an old investigator (Richard) that i've been teaching almost the whole time i've been in this area, who is the boyfriend of a fairly active member. he's always recognized the need to change his life and be baptized, and believes that the church is true, but he never wanted to accept a date or commit to praying and asking if its true to have a real testimony. he went to the stake conference and general conference without us having invited him, and after a while of not visiting him we went this week, and he had prayed and asked God, the night after the last time that we visited him! he said he didnt feel anything, but nonetheless, that was a big leap in his progress

Nathanael continues progressing well too. he started to read the book of mormon when we started teaching him and always read a good amount, but recently he started to slack off a bit. we always asked him in what part he was and he had either read just a few verses or nothing. i recently started the book of mormon from the beginning again, so to encourage him a bit, i started to tell him where i was in my reading. we had been pretty even until he got to 1 Nephi 13, then he stopped until i was in 19. we went yesterday and he was already in 2 Nephi! it was pretty cool. we also started teaching one of his friends, Edgar, who accepted a baptismal date last week, but couldnt go to church.

on thursday we had interviews with President Agazzani. it was pretty cool

on friday we were walking around in the rain, and i was walking on the side of the road while my companion was walking in the middle, where there was a river of a few inches of water. he turned around to kick water at me, and in doing so, lost his balance and fell. when he fell our cell phone fell out of his pocket into the water. so yeah the last few days we've been without a phone.

Elder Woodfield


one day we got home and there were horses eating grass outside of our house. it's a pretty normal occurrence to see cows or horses eating grass in the street but i thought you guys (especially Serina) might like to see a picture. (one taken from behind the fence, other through the fence. there were 4 or 5, but they're not all very visible due to the camera focus)

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