Sunday, April 12, 2015

March 9, 2015

Cecilia got baptized this week! and confirmed! everything went well in her baptism. her mom and cousin (who happens to be a former investigator) went to the baptism, as well as some ward members. the brownies and the cake that we made got burnt a little bit but it was chill. she was super happy, and all week she was dancing and singing and announcing her baptism to everybody and giving hugs and kisses (traditional paraguayan greeting - kiss the cheek) abundantly.

we've kept teaching Dionicio but it's been a bit hard to find him as he works a lot and his family doesnt really like us. he didnt come to church yesterday cus somebody asked him to go and help him with something, so he's not gonna be able to get baptized this saturday, but hopefully he'll be able to go to stake conference this week and get baptized next saturday.

we've also continued teaching Hector, and on sunday we saw a little miracle. to teach Hector and his family, we always need a male that can accompany us. we normally can find someone without any problems, but on monday we went to teach him and couldnt find anybody. Hector lives near the edge of our area, and two blocks from him lives a less active family, in which one of the daughters is preparing for the mission, but they attend in another ward, cus they say they like it better (and they dont know how to get to the chapel of this ward). but anyways on monday we went to see if the girl and one of her brothers could accompany us, and we went with them to teach Hector. we had a normal lesson, and everything was tranquilo. then we got to church on sunday and Hector and his sister Angelica were there, with the girl who formerly attended in the other branch. she said she had felt she should go visit them to remind them to go to church on sunday morning, and then Hector's dad (less active member) took them all to church in his truck on his way to work. we talked with his dad and he's gonna talk with his wife to decide if it's okay if we help Hector prepare to be baptized the 21st of March, which was the date we had set for him (which may also be my last saturday here). also Hector and his sister went to the ward fellowshipping night on saturday and enjoyed themselves quite a bit.

on wednesday morning i was on divisions and we had a pretty cool experience. we were walking and saw some pretty ugly clouds. we were getting hit with a few scattered rain drops, but then heard rain, turned around, and saw a torrential rain falling about twenty feet away, and advancing rapidly. we ran to a shelter as it overtook us, and waited until it calmed down a little bit. it was pretty crazy to see the rain advance like that.

apart from that not a whole lot happened this week, but here's some photos

baptism (with her mom, cousin, and her brother and sister)
and some native fruits: mburucuja and guayaba

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