Wednesday, December 24, 2014

December 15, 2014


this week was pretty swell. we decided to change up a bit the way we've been working, and started looking for and visiting the less active members a lot more. we found a few good investigators and a lot of potential investigators.

we found a guy named Pedro whose wife is a less active member. he went to church twice before but didnt get baptized cus he was catholic. we saw the christmas video with him and he accepted a baptismal date for December 27th. we're also hoping to be able to teach their kids and help one or two of them accept Christ in their lives too. he couldnt come to church yesterday, but he had already told us that he wasnt going to be able to go, and he's excited to go next week.

we also found a family that are all members, except one of their kids that recently turned 9. they want us to visit them but we havent been able to teach them cus every time we go, either they're all not home or most of them arent home.

we also shared with a lot of other less active families or went to visit them and invite them to church, and a lot of them showed up yesterday, it was pretty cool.

also on monday there was a fairly comical occurrence. so last week i talked about the investigator who we had in church who only talks guarani. i know enough guarani to set an appointment (or so i thought) so i talked to her in guarani to set an appointment for monday. we went to her house monday with a member, and there was nobody there. she called us and said that she was in the chapel waiting for us. then i realized that i should probably try to improve my guarani a bit. i had set the appointment saying ''ikatu aju ko'eno'' which translates to ''can come tomorrow'' and means ''can (we) come tomorrow'' (when we're at someones house asking them). but since we were in the chapel when i asked that, it meant ''can (you) come tomorrow (here)''. but anyways her house is pretty close to the chapel so we want and had a lesson with her, the member taught her in guarani, and on wednesday she moved back to the interior for 6 months.

also it's starting to get a bit hotter, and today we went to AsunciĆ³n for my companions final interview (he goes home in two weeks) and we ate mcdonalds.

and i think that's pretty much it.

Elder Woodfield

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