Wednesday, December 24, 2014

December 8, 2014


this week was pretty great. we had a ton of lessons and found a lot of new investigators, and had one investigator in church.

a couple weeks ago i wrote about Elva, a former investigator that my companion and i had visited. we taught her twice and then she said she didnt want us to visit her quite as often (like once a month). but in the two lessons one of her relatives who is visiting from the interior was present as well. she almost doesnt speak spanish, but she showed up to church yesterday! i set an appointment with her speaking guarani, but neither i or my comp speak enough guarani to teach, so im not sure how we're gonna teach her. 

but anyways this week we basically just went out and watched the video ''He is the Gift'' with everybody. in one occasion we got to a house where we had previously contacted and set an appointment, the guy came out and said he didnt really want to listen to us. we asked if we could go in just for 5 minutes, we saw the video with him, and asked if we could come back another day and he accepted happily.

Agustin couldnt come to church again cus he's having problems with his ex girlfriend, but he's reading a ton in the book of mormon. every time we go he asks us to leave him a chapter to read, then he reads it, and rereads it, and then goes back and reads again chapters that we had left him previously. but he's going on vacation til january so we wont be able to visit him for a while.

on thursday we had divisions, and i went to the area of the District leader, and discovered that two of the siblings of Thalia (who i baptized in my first area) got baptized (she lives with her grandma, and the rest of her family lives here)

it's getting a bit hotter again

also i dont think i ever mentioned that a few weeks ago i ate a chicken heart. it was pretty good.

Elder Woodfield

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