Monday, December 1, 2014

November 9, 2014

this week was a bit slow. we had to go to the hospital a couple times for my companion, and on thursday we had a zone training, so we didnt have quite as much time to work as normal.

but anyways it was hot this week, and the most exciting things that happened were last monday, and yesterday. on monday we went to contact a reference that a member from another ward had given us, of a family whose daughter was supposedly possessed with an evil spirit. we went and visited them, but the daughter didnt want to come out. but we taught them and left them a book of mormon and it was interesting. then after that lesson we had a family home evening scheduled with an inactive family that we had found the week before, in the house of a relative. we went and found their apartment building, and there were people moving out, with a big truck full of stuff. i thought to myself ''oh hey there's somebody moving. it's a good thing we have a set appointment and that it's not the family that we're going to visit.'' then we rang their bell and they came down and said that they were, in fact, moving. their next door neighbor is getting into black magic stuff, like reading cards and stuff, and is talking to the kids of the family too, so they decided to move. so then we were walking around with nothing to do, and we saw a guy (Mariano) enter into his house so we decided to contact him. we ended up going in and teaching him. he visited the church a few times a long time ago, and accepted a baptism date. but then he couldnt come to church yesterday cus his sister went to the hospital. on thursday we went to visit the family with the possessed girl again, and when we got there we found Mariano there too, so we taught him and Irma, who was the most interested out of the three people that we taught in that family, and he actually helped us teach Irma about baptism (not everything he said was completely correct, but it was still pretty cool).

on wednesday we ate lunch with Martin and Giseña, and they said that they had talked about getting married, and were thinking that December would be a good time. we told them that there's gonna be transfers next week and they said that they were gonna think about getting married earlier (this saturday), but when we went saturday they werent there and Giseña's still pregnant so they didnt come to church on sunday, so we're not sure what they decided on.

and then yesterday we were out proselyting and all our plans fell. in my second week in this area, when i did divisions here, i didnt really know anybody so we spent a lot of time just looking for inactive members and we talked with the secretary of one but after that i forgot when she had said that we could find the member home, so i never went back. then when we found the other inactive family last week that we had the family home evening scheduled with for monday, we talked a bit with him about music and playing piano in sacrament meeting. his daughter plays piano, and i mentioned that we were looking for someone who could play piano in sacrament meeting after i'm gone, and he said that in that family who i had previously looked for there was another girl who also played piano. so then they came to my mind on sunday so we went to visit them. Maxima (the mom) came out and greeted us warmly, and invited us to come in. we asked if there was a male older than twelve and she said her son had just turned twelve on thursday! it was pretty cool. so we went in and ate cake and had a cool lesson. we invited them to come to church on sunday, so that her son could get the aaronic priesthood and pass the sacrament and her daughter could play the piano. 

and i think thats everything exciting that happened this week. chau
Elder Woodfield

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