Monday, December 1, 2014

November 17, 2014


this week we had someone in church! wooo! a member brought his friend, carlos, who we've taught once. he's gone to church a lot, but doesnt want to accept a baptismal date cus he says he wants to learn more.

also we found a few great new investigators this week. on thursday the other elders here gave us a reference (speaking of that, i dont think i ever mentioned that Elder Pacheco, who was my companion in reducto, is now here in obrero) that a member gave to them. we went to find him and he came out and just let us in, and told us that he had asked one of his friends who is mormon on facebook how he could find out more about the mormon church. said friend lives far away, but told him to go visit her so he could go to church there. he said it was too far, and she said there was a church here too. so he went to church here (during the week) and found it closed but a member saw him and went and talked to him. then we went and he said he wanted to go to church and get baptized, and we had an awesome lesson. on sunday we went before church and clapped a ton but he never came out, and then he wasnt home in the afternoon either so we dont know why he couldnt go but i'm pretty sure he's gonna get baptized. that also strengthened my testimony that the field truly is white and ready for harvest. theres a lot of people that we can find and teach and try to convince that the church is true, and we can spend a lot of time trying to help those people, but there are other people that actually want to get baptized in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, that we just have to find and invite them to do it. so sometimes we teach the people we want to teach and as ourselves why we're not having success, and it's because sometimes the people we want to teach arent the people that God wants us to teach.

on thursday afternoon we had planned to do a service with Martin but he called us during lunch and cancelled, so we had nothing planned for most of the afternoon. we prayed to go out and i asked God to guide us and help us find things to do, and a person that i had contacted 3 months ago who we were never able to teach came into my mind. we went to their house and contacted their mom. we couldnt teach cus there were no men, but we invited her to baptized in the contact and she said she wanted to. then i told her that the devil was going to put obstacles in her path so that she couldnt be baptized. she said she was going to go to church and that we could go to teach her sunday afternoon. she didnt come, and we went afterwards and she said that she had gotten really sick, and then remembered what i had said. so now she's planning on going next week sí o sí, and she wants us to teach and baptized her 12 children (8 of them are adopted)

also on sunday in the class of Elders Quorum we talked about prayer, and how God is so courteous that he's not going to stick his nose in our business and change stuff up unless we ask him too. so i realized that a lot of times when i pray fervently for other people and nothing happens, it's not because i dont have faith or because God's not listening to me, it's because that person isnt praying for or doesnt want the thing that im praying for. so im going to start inviting my investigators to pray so that God will help them to read and go to church and get baptized - cus then God will be able to change them and help them, when it's something that they want and something that they ask for.

also my companion isnt contagious

Elder Woodfield

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