Wednesday, December 24, 2014

December 22, 2014


this week was pretty good. we didnt have any investigators in church but a few less active members came again, and we found a few investigators this week that have potential.

Pedro, that we started teaching last week, went out of town for a while. and a lot of other investigators did too.

we had a cool lesson with a guy named Jorge. we had contacted him before but he wasnt home when we went to teach him, but this week we went again and he let us in. he had a ton of questions about all sorts of stuff, about Adam and Eve, the plan of salvation, baptism, and a ton of other stuff. We answered every question he had with a scripture from the Book of Mormon, and after the lesson, we offered to give him a copy and he eagerly accepted, saying ''i had a ton of questions and you answered all of them with this book, sí o sí i'm gonna read.'' it was cool cus it helped me to realize a bit more the importance of using the Book of Mormon when we teach, and the importance of actively doing the things that we invite others to do.

also we went on thursday to teach a recent convert, and her son (Marcos) came to listen to us too. he went to church once before, but didnt get baptized cus he smokes. he had smoked one cigarrete that day (he normally smokes 6 or 7), but we left a chapter in the book of mormon to read and invited him to try to smoke less. we went again on friday and he had read, and hadnt smoked more on thursday, and only smoked half a cigarrete on friday. he accepted a baptismal date but he didnt come to church on sunday but we dont know why.

Merry Christmas

Elder Woodfield

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