Monday, June 29, 2015

June 1, 2015

hola que tal

this week was pretty swell. we had lots of cool adventures. on tuesday we decided to go exploring (and look for less active members) outside of Yaguaron. we went walking down the route towards a place called guarapi, where there are two less active families. we followed the map we had and found what should have been the house of one of them, where we found someone by the same name, but who denied being member. we later talked with his sister, Leticia (she'll come up again later) and discovered that they all got baptized 20 years ago and have been inactive ever since. we continued and found some other families. then we went to 58 to visit the Galeano family, and on the way back we started to walk, with our thumb stuck out for someone to take us. we ended up contacting a house over there and it was a pastor, who just wanted to argue about stuff. then we left again and stuck our thumb out again and a bus stopped (it had already finished its course and was going back to the station) and offered to take us. the driver was drinking but nobody else had stopped so we got on. he said he was going to leave the bus and then take us home in his car. but he ended up talking a lot with the bus people and we didnt get into his car until after 9 (we should normally be home at nine). then he stopped to get gas, and got out and started talking to the people in the gas station. when he finally actually asked them to fill up his tank, it was already like 9 40 (we should never be out after 9 30), and we ended up getting home at 10. it was pretty crazy. and we're not going to go with drunk guys on buses anymore.
then on wednesday we went to km 43 (the majority of the active members live in yaguaron or in 43, near the route). we had some appointments over there but they all fell through. then we remembered that someone had told us that there were a couple members that lived about an hour of walking away from the route, so we decided to go look for them (in a place called ├▒andua). we ended up getting there in half an hour, but all the members that had lived there are currently living in Argentina. but we started to contact a bit and we found a great investigator, whose name is Rosalino. he got out of jail 6 months ago. before getting into jail (10 years ago) he went to a different church, but hadnt gone back after getting out. we taught him about baptism and the priesthood, and he accepted a baptismal date. the next time we taught him the restoration and he believed it all. on sunday he didnt go to church. we went to find out why and his old pastor had invited him to go back to his old church, and he went. we reviewed a bit about Joseph Smith and the restoration, and read together 3 Nephi 27, and he accepted again a baptismal date, and committed to go to church this sunday. but anyways after teaching him we found a path that goes from his house directly to yaguaron so we didnt have to go back to the route to take a bus.

on friday i did divisions in paraguari. it was pretty chill.

when we talked with Leticia (see paragraph 1) on tuesday, we set an appointment to eat lunch with them on sunday. on sunday we called her and she didnt answer, so we werent sure if there was going to be lunch, but we went anyways. when we got there her boyfriend invited us in, and said they were cooking and asked if we wanted to stay for lunch. he had never talked to missionaries before and never even knew that she was a member of the church (they've been together 15 years, but she's been inactive for twenty). we ate lunch with them, and then taught them, and Carlos (the boyfriend) and three of their kids (Wendy, Yulisa, and Richard) accepted baptismal dates! it was pretty great.

I know that this church is true, that we are all literally children of God, and that he loves us.

Elder Woodfield

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