Monday, June 29, 2015

May 4, 2015

this week was pretty chill, and pretty crazy. there were 7 people in the district that we're gonna get baptized on saturday, in three different areas, so on wednesday i did divisions with one companionship in Paraguari and on thursday, without leaving, i did divisions with the other companionship there, and asked the zone leaders to do divisions in Acahay to do the interviews there.

on wednesday we had a pretty good day, we walked a ton (the plan was to go to a place called cerro leon, but we only went about halfway). the investigator that i interviewed there was cool, she had originally had plans to visit her grandpa this weekend but then prayed and asked God whether baptism or visit her grandpa were more important, and decided to be baptized.

on thursday all the interviews that i had to do ended up being cancelled, but we still had a pretty good day. we taught the friend of a recent convert (with the convert, his mom was also there) about the restoration. after we finished we asked if there were any questions and the mom asked if she could get baptized.

on saturday night it rained a ton, our house flooded, and one of the trees in our yard fell down (it's an exotic paraguayan fruit, not sure what it's called in english) and today we put it back up again. but anyways almost noone went to church on sunday. no investigators went (as we almost don't have any) and sunday after church i was praying to ask where we could find the people that wanted to accept the gospel, and i felt we should change our immediate plans and go to a part of our area that's called Cerro Guy (guy pronounced like wou in would) where neither i nor my companion had ever gone before. we only knew the general direction, and that there was one active member that lived there, next to a football field. we entered Cerro Guy, and started doing some contacts near where we supposed that said member lived, and found four people that we were able to teach, that accepted baptismal dates! we found the members house as well and have plans to go visit him and his neighbors again on tuesday.

also on friday we were walking around in a place called Zayas and a drunk guy contacted us, and said that he was catholic but that he wanted to be mormon to stop drinking. we went back yesterday as well and he and his mom also have baptismal dates.

also after the rain on saturday it started getting colder, which means that i wont have to carry my handkerchief with me anymore, but proselyting at night is gonna be a little bit tougher, as everyone's gonna want to be sleeping. but we have plans to work more in the further parts of our area so it's probable that in the night we'll often just be travelling back to the main town.

i know that this church is true, that Jesus Christ is our Saviour, and that he loves us.

Elder Woodfield

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