Monday, June 29, 2015

May 25, 2015

this week was pretty swell. it rained a lot, so all my shoes are wet, but we had a good time.

on tuesday i did divisions with the zone leaders. we went to visit Eugenio, and we found him in his house. he was drunk again, but he said that he wanted to continue with us and he accepted a baptismal date, but the whole time his mom was telling him that he wasnt going to go to church and that he wasnt going to get baptized, and even hit him once when he went to get his Book of Mormon. as a last ditch effort, we scheduled to go visit him with an older sister from the branch to see if she could get along well with his mom and help her support Eugenio. we got there and Eugenio was outside in the patio sleeping in a chair. we clapped to wake him up, and his sister came over from next door and asked us what we wanted. she told us to stop visiting him, and that we had made his mom sick, and then she tied the gate shut (it had been open) and then went away. so we're gonna stop visiting Eugenio for now, cus it's basically impossible to help him progress with all the opposition from his family.

on tuesday we also found a new interesting investigator, Santiago. he reads the bible a lot and knows it pretty well, and is looking for a true church, but has a lot of strange doubts, many of which will only be able to be solved by recieving a spiritual testimony of the Book of Mormon. he prayed to ask once but didnt recieve an answer, and he doesnt want to go to church or accept a baptismal date until he knows its true. but he has a lot of good ideas too and could be really helpful as an active member of the church, so we plan to keep teaching him for a while to see if we can help him get a testimony.

we also continue teaching the Galeano family. this week we were able to go visit them with a few youth from the ward which was pretty chill. on sunday we got up an hour early to be able to go get them before church to help them to attend, but when we got to their house, their mom wasnt home and their brother didnt believe that their mom had given them permission to go to church, so they couldnt go. but we went after church and they gave us barbecue pig and chicken. it was pretty great

we also found another great investigator who seems to have a lot of potential. on friday morning we saw a inactive member walking with her boyfriend and we went and contacted them. they said we could go to their house and teach them. her boyfriend, Victor, had a lot of questions about the different churches, and how he could know which to join, so we taught about the restoration. he believed it all and accepted a baptismal date. they didnt go to church on sunday cus it rained but we went in the evening to visit them and had a really funny lesson. he was a bit drunk, but as they hadnt gone to church, we taught about repentance. we explained that his baptismal date had fallen cus he hadnt gone, and he asked if he could still get baptized but just a bit later. we explained some commandments to help him understand how to prepare for baptism (law of chastity, word of wisdom) and the two great commandments also came up. the second (love your neighbor as thyself) called his attention and he interpreted it saying ''so then if I eat, you have to eat too. if i have a piece of bread, i have to share with you'' he asked what he would have to do if he had one piece of bread and there were ten people. i cited the instance in which Christ fed thousands with a few pieces of bread and fishes and he said ''yeah Christ fed people, and today, Victor feeds!'' he then asked if we were hungry, then said that he shouldnt have even asked, and then brought us a small pot full of pasta, and told us to eat. he has a lot of progress to make but is a sincere and a pretty funny guy, and really shows desires to repent.

on friday i did divisions in Acahay (you should probably look that up on a map), which is an hour in bus from Yaguaron. on the bus i contacted a guy, and he bought us chipa. i did a baptismal interview and the investigator was super prepared. something that called my attention was how happy it made her that we have a prophet in these latter days, and made me think if i'm really grateful, or if i really appreciate fully all the blessings that the gospel brings. she ended up not getting baptized cus Acahay doesnt have a baptismal font, they just baptize in rivers, and when it rained the river grew and it wouldve been a bit dangerous.

i know that we truly have a living prophet in these latter days, and that that is such a huge blessing because it allows us to know the pure truth, and not get caught up on small details that we may not understand from the written scriptures, because everything we do, we do it because Jesus Christ himself told a prophet that that's how we should do it. i know that Christ lives and that he loves us.

Elder Woodfield

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