Monday, June 29, 2015

May 18, 2015

hola que tal

well it was basically just yesterday that i talked on skype with most of you but i'll try to give a summary of everything that happened this week just the same.

on monday we went to Asuncion for an interview (two hours in bus) and ate domino's pizza. it was pretty good. but i'm excited to be able to eat little ceasers and cicis pizza again. we got back and my companion called his family, then we went to Itá to spend the night with the zone leaders (cus early tuesday morning we were going to go to the temple). so we got to Itá and went out and started contacting whoever. it was pretty chill. 

then on tuesday we went to the temple. we didnt get to do any baptisms which i was looking forward to but its okay. we had a great session (i think it was the first time i saw the new video while i've been on the mission - the other times i went it hadnt been translated still).

we got back and went to teach Eugenio. he wasnt home when we got there (he had gone to a nearby shop to buy something. we went to find him and found him on the way home, with milk and cookies, and - ¡completely sober! (for the first time since we had met him) he was a bit better dressed too, and had combed his hair. i was seriously so happy i could barely even talk. we went and visited him again on thursday, and he hadnt drunk still, and on saturday, and he told us that even in the mothers day festivities, when all his family had told him to drink, that he hadnt accepted. we called on sunday morning to remind him about church, and his sister answered and said that he didnt want to go, and that he didnt want us to visit him anymore, and that he's going to move to the chaco (desert in northwest paraguay). we have no idea what happened but we're gonna go again tomorrow to see why, cus he was super happy and excited before.

we started visiting the Galeano family too (less active sister which i mentioned last week), and there are two daughters that havent been baptized still. we went on wednesday and taught them, and then again on friday (they gave us dinner too). on sunday they werent able to go but theyre excited to go to church and get baptized. on sunday we had a lunch set with them, but it ended up falling through. we had taken a bus from yaguaron (km 48) to their house (approximately km 58) and had another appointment on 56. we didnt want to waste money so we decided to walk. that appointment fell through too, and our next plan was to look for people on 52, so we decided to walk again. around 55 we were walking and a family called us over. they were sitting outside their house eating lunch. we got to where they were and they told us to sit down and eat. it was a miracle! God truly does take care of us. turns out they were members who had recently moved there.

we werent able to teach wilson this week as he's been a bit busy, but we talked to him a little bit yesterday and have an appointment with him today. he wants to learn and get baptized but he's really having a lot of opposition. on saturday he borrowed a motorcycle and had a small accident so he got home really late and all sunday he had to be fixing it to return it to the person, so he couldnt go to church.

I know that Christ truly is our savior, and that as it says in 2 Nephi 9:21, he truly came to save all men, and that's why he invites all men to repent and be baptized (verse 23), so that he can save them. i know that each and every one of us has an important part in God's plan, and that we can help in his great work of salvation if we so desire.

Elder Woodfield

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