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June 22, 2015

hola que tal

this week was pretty swell. on wednesday we got up at two in the morning to take Elder Norton to the office, then i went to the bus terminal to get my new companion. his name is Elder Jara, he's from Chile, and he has been in the mission for a bit more than four months (i'm his third companion, and this is his second area. he's a bit short and a bit quiet, but he's a pretty good missionary from what i've seen, and a pretty chill guy. but this week we walked a ton! also two elders in my district are training new missionaries. both the missionaries who are training are from Peru, and both of their trainees are from the US and dont speak much English. on thursday i did divisions with Elder Bennington, who's from Chicago. that was pretty fun. we actually found a part member family (the Gomez family) where there's a lot of people who arent members of the church still. they dont speak much spanish, but they gave us some mbeju to eat and they all committed to going to church. due to a bit of bad planning and the fact that they live a bit far (in a place called Curupayty) we werent able to visit them again and they didnt go, but were going to go again today to see if we can visit them again.

we also went to another place that i had never been to before thats called Karangua. we found the house of a member but he wasnt home, but we taught his neighbor (who is also related to him) Jorge Avalos and he accepted a baptismal date! he's really humble and wants to learn about God, but couldnt go to church on sunday due to Fathers day festivities. but we passed by yesterday in the afternoon and after clearing up a few doubts we helped him commit to prepare himself to be baptized July 18th. hopefully we'll be able to teach his girlfriend this week too and help them become an eternal family!

on saturday we went to visit Andrea cus we werent able to visit her all week, and when we got there she was just about to leave. we invited her to go to church and she said that she was gonna go sí o sí, without fail. we called her sunday morning and she said she was on her way, but then she never showed up. we called her again in the afternoon and she said that while she was on her way to church, one of her family members had a baby, and called her to go to the hospital, so she went to the hospital. it's pretty ridiculous the things that happen so that people dont go to church. but we're going to visit her on thursday and i'm pretty sure she'll go to church this sunday

but anyways on saturday we started to walk back from Andreas house (about a two hour walk (we went in bus, but to come back at night there arent any more busses)) and we didnt have a whole lot of time (less than two hours) so we were already just ready to go straight back home. but while we were walking, we passed a place where a less active member lives, about a kilometer from the main route, and i felt that we should go visit her. i knew where she lived, but had never met her (my companion went once in divisions). we went, and she said that she wasnt really interested in meeting with us, so we started to walk back to the main route (but taking a different path). we passed a house where we had contacted once, where my companion had taught once in divisions, and decided to see if we could teach. my companion had taught them about baptism, and they didnt want to get baptized because they already got baptized by inmersion, and the pastor of their church speaks badly about mormons. so we were gonna teach about the restoration. the mom doesnt understand much spanish, and a lot of the kids are pretty shy, but there was a girl (Emelia) who's only home on weekends that was there that my companion hadnt taught, and she did want to get baptized. they committed to going to church but then didnt go cus they woke up late (there are a lot of small children that they have to get ready and feed, and then they have to walk a lot, and then take a bus. its a long process). but anyways when we left their house on saturday it was already 8 30, so we had to walk and jog 6 kilometers in less than one hour. we got home sweaty and tired. but anyways on sunday we went back and put a new baptismal date with Emelia, cus her other date fell cus she didnt go to church.

we werent able to talk to Angel at all this week, but we have a Family Home Evening planned with the branch president on tuesday and he said he's gonna invite Angel.

this week it started getting pretty cold. on thursday it was 6 degrees celsius.

i know that this church is true, and that this truly is the work of God. i know that He loves all his children, and that He wants us to love them all too, and follow his example in doing everything that we can to help them all be saved.

Elder Woodfield

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