Monday, June 29, 2015

May 11, 2015

this week was crazy! i dont have much time to write but i'll try to get in everything that happened.

on wednesday me and my companion had violent diahrrea, and i vomited once, so we couldnt work a whole lot.

on saturday we went to visit the drunk guy (Eugenio) that contacted us the week before with a member that has a car, so that he could take Eugenio and his mom (Juanita) to church. and Eugenio went to church on sunday! he liked it a lot, and was really emotional when we went to visit him yesterday in the evening. he has a baptismal date for May 30, and just has to stop drinking to be able to get baptized, and his mom wants to come to church too (she didnt come yesterday cus she was sick) and get baptized the following week.

we're also teaching a really cool investigator who's name is Wilson. he's really interested in the church, and we gave him a pamphlet with the testimony of Joseph Smith and a Book of Mormon and he read the whole pamphlet and two chapters of the Book of Mormon! just by the organization of the church and the testimony of Joseph Smith he thinks logically that the church is true, and this week is going to try to get a spiritual testimony. we were teaching him on saturday and he committed to going to church and in that same moment he called a member that is his friend to pass by on sunday morning to go to church together. he ended up not going cus his friend didnt go either, but he has a baptismal date for June 6 and is really excited to keep learning more.

yesterday we went to a really far away place to contact a reference. the reference wasnt home, but we contacted their neighbor, and it was a member who had gotten baptized in the first chapel in Paraguay, when there was only one ward! she lived 60 kilometers from Asunción but attended church and got baptized in Asunción, in the place where the temple now stands. she has two daughters that arent members, that we're going to start visiting and teaching.

it rained a lot on saturday. today we're in Asunción cus my companion had an interview with President Agazzani, to renew his temple reccomend (cus we're gonna go to the temple tomorrow woooo!)

i know that this church is true and that if we truly dedicate ourselves to the work of God, he will allow us to see and reap the fruits of our labors, and we can obtain true and lasting joy.

Elder Woodfield

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