Sunday, April 27, 2014

April 14, 2014

angel got baptized on saturday! and christian (who got baptized in march) and tamara got married! there was a ton of food and cake and ... i was fasting. but anyways we got to take the leftover cake from the baptism home so i had cake for dinner last night. angel is a capo ité, we gave him one of those books of mormon with pictures and he's been reading it a ton, and reading to his mom and explaining the stories to her and with his sister. we had to teach a ton this week to get him ready for his baptism but he understands everything really well and was super prepared. even before we got there, he always said his prayers and wanted to get baptized. but anyways the baptism went well and the confirmation.
we didnt have any investigators in church, but angel's sister bore a super powerful testimony in testimony meeting (her second sunday back and her first time bearing her testimony) which was awesome. they said they're gonna bring another one of their sisters to church too, who's not a member.
on tuesday we had a zone training, and the zone leaders asked me to direct and said they were training me (normally a district leader directs). we also did divisions with the zone leaders on friday, which was pretty sweet. i went with Elder Rhodes to Tayuasapé. around 8 or so he had to do a baptismal interview in san lorenzo (for the sister missionaries) so we went, but we couldnt find any male to accompany us, so we werent able to start until quite a bit later than we shouldve. she still had a bit of doubts, so Elder Rhodes was trying to help her clear those up so she could get baptized on saturday, but we didnt really have much time. we didnt end up getting out of the interview until 9 40 (we have to be home before 9 30) and we were in san lorenzo, quite a ways away from tayuasapé, and all the buses had already stopped. as we were walking to one of the main roads in san lorenzo to start the walk to tayuasapé, a bus passed us and stopped at the intersection. we ran up and asked if they were going to pass by where we needed to go, and they said that they could. turns out the bus driver was a member, and he dropped us off a block from the house with no charge! God is real and protects his missionaries.
sorry this week wasnt super exciting. it's starting to get a bit colder though.
pictures: angel
angel, his sister, his mom, and his nephew

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