Sunday, April 27, 2014

March 17, 2014

I'm staying another transfer in reducto, with elder pacheco still. nobody was changed in my district this transfer, which is a bit strange, and there was only two changes in the other district.

we had stake conference this week, and had three investigators in church, but they're all just part member families that only came to church because a bus went around the branch to take all the members, and dont really have much desires to progress or learn more (one was sleeping during the conference, one was already baptized but her dad said the prayer wrong and she doesnt want to get baptized again, and the other doesnt live in our area).

derlis and lidia didnt come, cus lidia had to work on sunday, and we visited derlis afterwards with the branch president and had a very direct 'you need to repent, get married, and get baptized' lesson, but he's set on getting married (and hopefully baptized) in december. he said he wants to keep reading and going to church, but as three weeks have passed without them going to church, i'm not sure that'll happen, and we're going to stop visiting them as they're not going to progress.

juan didnt go either, but we think it's because he couldnt go on his motorcycle all the way to san lorenzo with his three kids on, and he didnt have money to pay for the bus (there was a special session for investigators at 8:30 and the bus that went to get the members didnt arrive til around 9:45). we went and visited him this week and angel and his other kids said they all liked church, just that they werent accostumed so angel wanted to leave early. he said he wants to get baptized, he just wants to be more sure of everything first, and learn a bit more, so we're gonna focus this week on helping him receive an answer to his prayers so he can baptized this month

wilfrido, we're not sure why he didnt go, probably because he didnt wake up. last week we called him before church to remind him, he woke up and told us he was gonna go, and looked at the clock and went back to sleep. but he believes the church is true and everything, he just hasnt been able to come yet and he's been a bit busy with work so he hasnt been able to read either.

we also found a new investigator, griselda, who reminds me a bit of lujan from san isidro cus she always has a ton of questions. it's a bit tough because she was living together before with a former bishop, who wasnt a super great example of the church, but she says she wants to go to church now and everything. before her boyfriend always tried to make her go to church and make her wear long skirts all the time and stuff and she never wanted to but now she wants to go to church cus we're not pressuring her, just inviting her. she was gonna go this weekend but we went to her house and she had just woken up and one of her kids was asleep still

also funny story one of the members had a dream where she saw elder Pacheco, and she asked him ''and woodfield? where is he?'' and Elder Pacheco told her ''he got married already''. also that member made me try mondongo (as far as i can understand it's cow intestine) and it didnt taste horrible, but it was incredibly chewy and not fun to eat.

stake conference was also pretty incredible. President Agazzani gave a talk about member missionary work, and read about the atonement from preach my gospel. he explained that Christ suffered for our sins in the atonement, and that everyone can enjoy the blessings of the atonement through faith, repentance, baptism, the gift of the holy ghost, and enduring to the end. then he explained that although this is available to everyone, the people wont know that it's available and that they can be clean and have more blessings unless we share it with them. if we dont make every effort possible to help other people to learn about and accept the gospel, we are preventing them from obtaining salvation. we are condemning them because we're afraid they won't want to hear about it. after hearing that, i have a renewed desire to do everything possible to help every person in my area accept the gospel, not just contact, ask if they have a bit of time, and leave it at that when they say no. with that said, i invite all of you to also meditate on that a bit, and to go share the gospel

Elder Woodfield

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