Sunday, April 27, 2014

March 31, 2014

this week was a bit tough. the mission's been putting a lot of emphasis on step 4 of weekly planning (bringing investigators to church) and this week we did probably the best planning of step 4 i've done in all my mission, and talked to all the members to ask their help in bringing investigators, welcoming them, and sitting by them, and not a single investigator came to church.

we did have a bit of a miracle in finding wilfrido again, after not having been able to talk to him for two or three weeks, and when we all sat down he called his wife to come join us (which he's never done before; she's usually present but usually washing clothes or cooking or something, and she had only sat down and listened on two occasions previously) and was showing a lot more desires to keep his commitments and everything. he had to work sí o sí yesterday, but said he's gonna go to general conference this week, which will be great for him as one of his biggest challenges has been being able to wake up in the mornings to go to church. he hadn't been reading much either but he said that they were gonna read the chapter we left them together right after we left.

we also found an old investigator, who seems promising. Elder Chale told me i should visit her, but i didnt really pay him much attention at the time. also i couldnt find her teaching record, so there was no way of finding where she lives. one day we went out with brother Acosta, who got baptized in 2012 and for a good while accompanied the missionaries every day. he mentioned belén, and we asked him to show us her house, and we went and met her and her mom and her boyfriend, and her 5 kids and two niblings. she was gonna go to church but got sick, but they said they're gonna come this sunday. her sisters a member (lives in argentina) and her mom already went to church a few times with her sister. two of the kids that live there can get baptized too, so hopefully everything goes well with her. she said she already knows the church is true so she just needs to go to church (and get married or get separated) and she can get baptized. I just realized i wrote most of this paragraph last week but here it is, igual.

we also found a couple single men who seem pretty promising, one accepted a baptismal date in the first lesson but was on vacation this weekend, and the other reads the pamphlets we leave him and always has great questions and enjoys learning, but also had something going on on sunday.

our branch mission leader also got a prospective job offer where he won't have to work on sundays - it wont be available til august but he'll be able to help a lot more when august comes around.

juan committed to go to church on sunday, but when we got to his house he didnt want to go. we went on thursday and he said he had a lot of questions, but didnt want to ask them til later (the branch president was with us so maybe thats why). he did ask one, and asked if it's okay to listen to people from other churches too, so it seems we have a lot of work to do. we're gonna answer his questions and then if he doesnt start progressing again we're gonna stop visiting him for a while, and see if that motivates him, as we've done basically everything we can.

we did have a small success in bringing two less actives to church, a dad and his son. we had visited them once before and the dad said he didnt go cus his kids never wanted to go. i had with me at the time one of the candy canes that grandma sent so i told him if he went he could have a big candy from the US. they didnt go that sunday, but we went again saturday night, and spent a good amount of time just talking to the kid, about school and stuff. he loves school so i told him that church is like a school to learn about God, and he told his dad he wanted to go. they went yesterday, and the dad only stayed for sacrament meeting, but his son stayed all three hours.

it's raining. i'll take pictures if it starts raining more today. here's a picture of the road i live on. also thank you to everybody for the birthday wishes

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