Sunday, April 27, 2014

March 3, 2014

this week was moderately swell. Elder Pacheco had diarrhea on and off starting last sunday, up until saturday, and almost every day after lunch we had to go back to the apartment for a few hours, so we couldnt work a whole lot, but it still wasnt a horrible week.
yesterday in church we had one investigator, Christian, who's gonna get baptized this saturday. when i first got here, he had a baptismal date for the 8th of february, but it's a bit hard to find him, so the first time i saw him in all my time here was on tuesday. his girlfriend (tamara suarez) is a member of the church in our branch, and her family is one of the oldest member families here (one of her brothers is the stake president and her other brother is on a mission). but anyways she called us on tuesday and said he wanted us to come over, so we went and talked about the plan of salvation (both his grandparents died recently) and a bit about baptism. he said he wanted to get baptized, but he wanted to prepare himself a bit more. he came to church on sunday(sister suarez mentioned he wanted to accelerate himself a bit), and we had gospel principles class with just him, so we just talked a bit more about baptism. we went to visit him in his girlfriends house after church, and his girlfriend came out when we clapped and told us as we were going in, '' just give him a baptismal date, he wants to get baptized and get married in the temple'' so we set a date for this saturday. he's gonna be busy all week so right there we had to call the district leader to come and do the interview. we called the district leader, reviewed the questions of the baptismal interview with Christian, and went to church for his interview.
Wilfrido came to church too, but he showed up while the sacrament was being passed, and he didnt see anybody so he left again, which was pretty lame. next week sí o sí he's gonna go, we just gotta make sure he get's there on time.
also we were teaching sebastian about prayer, and he told us an awesome story. we read a scripture (alma 37 37) about how you need to pray before going to bed and when you wake up, and he said that the night before, he had forgotten to pray before going to bed. when he was sleeping, he had a dream where he was with his uncle and some other people, but there were a bunch of demons and stuff attacking them or chasing them or something, but during his dream he said to the people with him 'wait lets say a prayer' and he prayed and all the demons went away. it was pretty cool. he remembered to pray that night, but had the same dream again anyways.
the weathers been pretty tranquil this week, a bit of light rain and it's been pretty cool most of the time. this week i ate mondongo (i think it's cow intestine). it didnt taste too bad, but it was tough and chewy, like gum almost, and i couldnt eat more than one bite. fortunately, that wasnt our lunch appointment for the day, just a member we were visiting who had happened to make mondongo and invited me to try it.
derlis and lidia are still awesome, but lidia's niece died of cancer so they were in caaguazu for the weekend, and couldnt go to church. they wont be able to get baptized this week, unfortunately, and the next week is stake conference, so they should be getting baptized the 22nd. that may mean that i'm not here for their baptism, as this is the last week of the transfer, but odds are i'll be staying here, as i've only been here one transfer. President Agazzani, however, is renowned for doing the unexpected in transfers, so i suppose we'll find out next week (or i'll find out next week, and you'll find out in two weeks). but whatever be the case, i know that the Lord is directing this work, and that if i get transferred, it's because he wants me to be somewhere else.
Elder Woodfield

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