Sunday, April 27, 2014

April 7, 2014

this week was pretty swell. the emails gonna be a bit brief cus i still have a ton of people to write from last week, but here goes. this week was a bit tough in terms of numbers, in lessons and new investigators our numbers were quite lower than normal, but conference was awesome and 7 investigators came!

on thursday i think we saw a member walking with a friend and we waved to them. later that day we asked the member who her friend was, and she said that her friend had said that she was a member. she told us where her friend lived and we went to visit her, and we found a less active family that we didnt know existed (they're not on the list of members cus they got baptized in luque and never went to church here). they already know a few members from the branch, and we invited them to come to the conference and they came, and one of the kids (that we didnt meet on thursday), angel, is 9 years old and isnt a member. we went to visit them again after the conference and angel wants to get baptized this saturday!

hector and elizabeth and jessica came too, to the sunday afternoon session. they had to leave before the closing remarks because hector had to get ready for work but it seemed that they liked it. hector was sleeping for parts cus he works night shift but he was awake for parts and always understands and receives what we teach really well. they didnt want to accept a baptismal date until going to church, but now that they've gone, we're gonna go try to put a date for april 19th - the last saturday of the transfer

abril came too, but her parents dont want to give permission so that she can get baptized so im not sure if she's gonna be able to progress much. she's been reading and came to church but there's nothing we can do unless she has permission

a couple other investigators came too, that also dont have much potential to progress for their current circumstances, but i know that God truly blessed us for our efforts in being able to have 7 investigators

my birthday was swell, we ate asado and cake. general conference was fantastic and the best birthday present i could have

it's been super hot this week, especially saturday and sunday.

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