Sunday, April 27, 2014

April 7, 2014

i had more time and remembered more stuff i wanted to write.

we had conference in our chapel, but as there are only one ward and one branch in this chapel, there were only six missionaries, and only 4 americans, so we ended up watching the conference in spanish. i understood mostly everything and didnt have a problem, but the sister missionaries and the district leader in the other ward had wanted to watch in english. people in our stake translate the talks from spanish to guarani for the sunday sessions, and get the talks a week before. the second counselor in the stake presidency was telling us about it and said that when he's translating, sometimes it's a bit tough especially when the talks are changed in conference, but that while he's translating and reading he feels the Spirit incredibly strong, and it sounds like translating anything for the church would be an awesome experience. before the priesthood session, he was telling us a bit about how Elder Ballard's talk was gonna be on sunday morning. if you want to hear, it's not under guarani, the language is natively called avaƱe'e (or something like that). i personally know a few of the people who translated on sunday, but the only one i know specifically is that the second counselor in the stake presidency did Elder Ballard's talk on sunday morning (and Elder Ochoa's talk in october)

also i tried mondongo again, and it wasnt so bad this time. we went to a members house to ask for her help with an investigator, and she asked us if we wanted to eat tortillas (not mexican tortillas). she brought them out, and i started to cut into one, but it was a bit tougher than normal (tortillas are normally really easy to cut). i got it into my mouth and knew something was wrong - it was super chewy. we realized that it was marinera de mondongo, but it actually didnt taste half bad and i was able to eat the whole thing. marinera is a piece of meat dipped in a batter (of eggs and some other stuff i think) and then fried. 

but anyways thats all chau

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