Sunday, April 27, 2014

February 10, 2014

sebastian's gonna get baptized this saturday wooo! he said he didnt come to church last week cus he slept in, so this week i gave him my alarm clock (we use our cellphone to wake us up) and he got up on time and came to church. also he went out with us a ton this week, and has a bunch of excitement to read the scriptures and do missionary work and everything.

we've also seen miracles with other investigators, but nobody else ended up coming to church. we've been teaching a teenager named Fede(rico) who was a contact, and at first it didnt seem like he was really interested, just another teenager who wants to sleep and live and have fun, but we kept visiting him and the second visit, we got there and asked him if he had read the chapter we had left him and he had, and remembered basically everything it had talked about. he accepted a baptismal date and we explained that to be baptized sí o sí he had to go to church three times and he said he was gonna go with a member that lives near him. when the member went to get him though, he had just gotten home from a party (at like 8 in the morning) and just wanted to sleep, but he should be able to come next week, we just need to commit him a bit better. the member was annoyed though and doesnt want to go get him next week, so we're gonna have to.

we've also been teaching wilfrido and his (wife/girlfriend/?) magdalena. we found wilfrido in a contact, and set an appointment but he wasnt there when we went to visit him. we went back a couple days later and he apologized and we shared a bit with him. he's super prepared to hear the gospel sí o sí. we invited him to church and he immediately accepted, saying that it's good to get to know other churches, and he went to the catholic church before and the evangelical church now but doesnt like the catholic church and hasnt been baptized in the evangelical church even though he's been there for years because it doesnt feel right. he said he was gonna meet us at the comisaria (police station) that's a few blocks from the church cus he didnt know exactly where the church was and it's not in a super well known area like it was in my last area so it's a bit harder to explain. we had another appointment for saturday but he wasnt home, so we just went to the comisaria sunday morning, but didnt find him there either. we went and visited him after church and he apologized again, cus he had had to work, but we had another awesome lesson and he said he's gonna go to church this week. he wanted to read but one of his kids took out the bookmark that we had put, and he tried finding the chapter we had marked but couldnt find it. we read it with him and he said he thinks its true but wants to go to church and learn a bit more.

we found another couple who almost doesnt understand spanish, but we taught them with a member who translated to guarani for us. the first time we taught we just taught cintia, and it seemed like she didnt understand much and it wasnt a super great lesson, so we set an appointment to come back when juan carlos would also be there, hoping that he would understand a bit better. he didnt, but we had a member with us so he translated when necessary. they told the member in guarani that they're catholic, but that they dont go to church very much and they liked what we taught so theyre gonna visit our church, but the member went by on sunday to get them and juan carlos had had to go work.

we also found another awesome investigator this week, juan avila. we were walking down a street at 8 or so at night looking for people to contact (we're supposed to do five contacts per day where we teach or at least set an appointment and Elder Pacheco and I set a goal to do 7/7 cus neither of us had done it up to this point in our missions) and i saw a man sitting outside his house with a beard. i asked Elder Pacheco if he had contacted their before and he said no so we went and greeted us, and he told us to come in. we found out that he had talked to missionaries before and that he had gone to church twice with his family but that he hadnt really been super interested back then. his wife died two years ago and he just recovered from a near fatal illness, during which he almost died and prayed and asked God to save him, and changed his life. now he wants to go to church and learn and everything, but not just out of curiosity, but to apply it. he didnt go this week cus he was still recovering from his sickness but he's reading the book of mormon and is gonna go to church next week.

manuel, alejandro, and gloria didnt go to church either, but manuel and alejandro have been reading the book of mormon (gloria doesnt know how to read). i'm not completely sure why they didnt go (a member went by to bring them) but theyre always eager to learn from us and to read, so hopefully they can go next week and progress towards baptism. their step father shouldnt be a problem, since he's not their dad he doesnt really have any power, and from what they've told us it seems that it's pretty easy to get him to agree with stuff.

elizabeth and her daughters said they were gonna go to church, but they called sunday morning and said they couldnt. they're not reading (except josefina, who's 8 or 9) but they said they were gonna go to church next week so we'll see what happens with them.

also the contract for our house ended jan 31 but the new apartment isnt ready yet so we're staying in our house until the new ones ready. we went one night to talk to the owner about everything (he lives across the street) and he invited us to come for lunch on sunday. he was drinking so we werent sure if he would remember but he did and we had asado. he also wants us to come back to start teaching him (when we told him the limits of our area, he complained that we had never visited him) and invited us to come every sunday for lunch. 

there's not many mosquitos here, i think i've gotten one bite in my two weeks here, but it's super hot. on saturday it got up to 45 degrees i heard (celsius, you can convert it). 

cant think of anything else so here you go

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