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February 24, 2014

this week was pretty swell, although not quite as swell as the last week. Sebastian started soccer practice so he can't accompany us as much (when he works he cant accompany us at all, but whether he works or not depends on how lazy he's feeling so it's normally not guaranteed). in the san lorenzo stake, every two months there's a ''mini mtc'' where teenagers who want to go on missions and all the missionaries in the stake go to a ward or a branch and group up and visit  a couple investigators or less active families in the ward. we had one this saturday in san lorenzo, and sebastian came with elder pacheco and i. we were assigned a couple investigators, but the first one was busy and the second wasnt home, so we just contacted in the city for a couple hours. we didnt have any success at all (the city's always a bit hard, especially for elders as a lot of people work and there's often only maids or women at home). we did have a funny experience though, where we contacted a house that had a sign outside that said they sold ice cream for 300 Gs. we clapped, and someone came out and asked us what we needed in an annoyed tone of voice. we realized they didnt want to talk to us, so we just pointed at the sign and asked for ice cream, and their disposition changed completely, and they all of a sudden were more than happy to attend to us.
also derlis and lidia went to church, which was great. they're set to get married and baptized the 8th of march, although there might be stake conference that weekend (we're not completely sure as we heard two different things from two different people) which would mess everything up, cus the 8th is the last week of the transfer, and we can't confirm them in stake conference, so they would have to go a week without being confirmed. but anyways they're progressing well and dont really have any problems or anything. we also had a miracle in that on tuesday when we did splits, i was walking down the road that leads to the church with elder denhalter (district leader) and when we arrived at the main road, derlis drove by on his motorcycle and saw us, and later he drove down that street exploring (he's new in reducto, not sure if i've mentioned that or not) and found the church.

wilfrido and magdalena also said they were sí o sí gonna come, but sunday morning wilfrido's son's foot got cut open and he had to go to the hospital, and couldnt make it to church. we went and visited them with the branch president after church, and he said he cant promise us anymore that he's gonna go to church cus you never know what could happen but that he's going to try to come next sunday. we had splits this week, and i went with the district leader in his area, and elder pacheco was with the district leaders companion in our area, and they went and taught wilfrido and taught sabbath day and said that wilfrido wasnt sure but elder yamberla gave his testimony and wilfrido said he was gonna go. we visited him again on friday and taught the plan of salvation, and it was pretty incredible cus after we finished the lesson we asked if he had any questions, and he said that from his reading (he read the beginning of the book of mormon, the introduction and the testimony of Joseph Smith) and from what we had taught beforehand, he had wanted to ask us why we put so much emphasis on Joseph Smith and didnt talk as much about God or Jesus, but that by teaching the plan of salvation we had put that doubt to rest completely, which strengthened my testimony of that God really is directing this work, even if at times we dont realize it, cus when we planned to teach plan of salvation we had no idea he had that question. the lesson with the branch president wasnt super great, cus he just didnt want to stop talking, but at least wilfrido knows someone in the branch apart from sebastian.
splits were pretty great, but unfortunate timing. on tuesdays we have lunch with the ramirez family, and this tuesday sister ramirez made a dish at my request that i wanted to try, but i didnt get to try it cus i went with elder denhalter. also that day was the birthday of a kid in the ward, and when elder pacheco and elder yamberla passed in front of their house, the family invited them in to eat and they ate a ton of food and cake and stuff, so i missed out a bit.
juan is still recovering, and couldnt go to church either. he seems super solid, but for now he cant go to church and he cant read cus of all the problems he's having. once he gets a bit better though he should be able to progress and get baptized quickly.
on wednesday night we had to be in the church for a meeting at 7, and left at 8, but it had started raining and was raining a ton. this area's especially hard when it rains cus a lot of the roads are just dirt. we had an appointment, but didnt know exactly where the house was, so had to look for it in the rain. we got there and clapped, but nobody came out. we went a couple days later and realized that they had two gates, and that we had been clapping at the wrong gate. but anyways, when we were walking back home, on the street that connects with the street where we live, i was walking on an island of mud in between two rivers. on the street where we live, i was walking in a river. it was pretty swell.


i took these in san isidro but i dont think i ever sent them (to give you an idea of what it's like when it rains)

we had a visitor when it rained (we live on the second story, btw)

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