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February 3, 2014

i got transferred this week. i'm now in reducto 2 (i think the town is called reducto, if you can't find it it's right next to san lorenzo) which is the smallest area in the mission. my new companion is elder pacheco, who's from peru. he knows the scriptures super well and i'm truly blessed to have him as a companion.

this area's quite a bit different from my last, in many ways. in san isidro, there were a few paved roads and all the rest were stone. here, there's one paved road, a few stone roads, and the majority are just dirt (sometimes firm and sometimes loose, which is a pain to walk in). san isidro was completely city, with a few plots of land where there were no houses or anything and just plants. here there's a lot more country, with open fields and trees and stuff. it's a bit hard to believe but here there's even more mango trees, and a ton of other trees too. it's a normal sight to see cows and horses just hanging out on the side of the road. there's a ton of members in the area, but a good number of them are less active, and most of the people who aren't members have shared with missionaries at least once, due to the size of the area. it makes it a bit hard to find new people to teach, because almost all the houses have been contacted, but the members can also give us a lot of references, or we can reactivate a family and baptize their kids. Elder Chale (my last companion) was here a while ago, and when he was here the church attendance was around 15, but the elders in between me and him did a ton of work with the less actives and yesterday in church there were over 80 people.

when i got here, we had a baptism planned for this saturday, sebastian, who's the friend of the nephew of the relief society president, who lives with his aunt and got baptized the week before i got here, but he slept in yesterday and wasnt able to make it to church, so he should be able to get baptized the next saturday. he wants to get baptized and everything, but it's a bit tough cus he works monday to saturday and doesnt get home normally until 8 or so at night.

we also have cristian, who i havent met yet, but who was an old investigator and a friend of a member, but he's even harder to find, so we cant teach him very easily, but he has a baptismal date for this saturday. odds are though he'll be moved back cus we still have a ton to teach him.

we also found a family that moved to the area recently this as a reference from a recent convert. the first day we just taught manuel and talked to his mom for a bit, the next day we went back and taught the whole family except the dad, and we have another appointment set for tuesday. whenever we pass by there we wave and they ask you're gonna come tuesday right? so they seem like they could really progress well, the only thing that could possibly impede their progress is if the dad doesnt want them to listen to us, cus up until now, we havent met the dad. we met and taught a few kids on saturday, and set an appointment to come back and teach their whole family, but when we went the dad wasnt interested and that just ruins everything, cus we cant teach or baptize without the permission of the parents.

the members here are awesome, we have lunch with members every day except mondays, and sometimes with the same family twice in a week. they often invite us to dinner too (normally not much more than a snack) if they see us out in the street at night.


me and my new companion and elder muñoz and his new companion (my new companion trained the current companion of elder muñoz)


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