Tuesday, September 2, 2014

April 28, 2014

i'm in reducto still, with an Elder Ruiz (which is kinda funny, cus there was a different Elder Ruiz here before Elder Pacheco), a Peruano. this is gonna be his last area (he has two transfers left in his mission) so it's almost guaranteed that i'll only stay here one more transfer. but anyways manuel didnt get baptized this week cus our district leader who did the interview said he needs a bit more preparation, so he should get baptized this saturday. he's a bit shy though so even though he knows all the stuff, he doesnt like talking to people he doesnt know so even after reviewing everything the interview will still be a bit tough for him, please pray for him so that he can have the courage to do well in his interview!

also we finally found hector and elizabeth again this week, after almost a month of not being able to find them. their biggest difficulty is hectors work schedule - he works night shift so it's hard for him to go to church in the normal schedule (the one time they went was general conference, in the afternoon) and elizabeth doesnt want to go to church alone, so i'm not sure if there's really a lot we can do to help them in that situation, unless hector finds another job.

angel and his family are awesome, we had another mini MTC on saturday and angels sister (belén) went and loved it, and on sunday they brought one of their neighbors to church, and we're gonna go by this week to see if we can teach their neighbors too.

on saturday after the mini MTC i was feeling a bit sick, but we went to teach sebastian in the house of a member cus i didnt want to just go home. i ended up needing to use the members bathroom and i had some vicious diarrhea, and then we went home and i puked twice that night. we went to church for sacrament meeting and i was still feeling sick so all yesterday we just rested. i havent had diarrhea or vomited since saturday, but i'm still not feeling super great which kinda sucks cus we had to miss a ton of appointments.

the weathers been pretty tranquilo, it hasnt really been super hot or super cold at all this week.

the place where we usually eat on mondays in san lorenzo has two toucans and two parrots

 I got a double decker cookie!

 Elder Ruiz and I

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