Tuesday, September 2, 2014

May 19, 2014

this week was pretty swell. we taught a ton and found a ton of new people to teach, but we didnt have any investigators in church this sunday or the last sunday. last sunday we didnt have anybody and i was feeling a bit discouraged in the night but ivan (a recent RM) called us and said his aunt wanted to get baptized. (his uncle has been a member for 8 years, but she never was really interested. she came to the stake conference in april and one other time and Elder Pacheco and i went to teach her a couple times but then she had a problem with her spouse and we didnt go any more. apparently things are better now and she wants to get baptized. also her spouse went through the temple on saturday and afterwards told her that he wanted to be with her forever and that helped a bit too). she couldnt come yesterday cus she hurt her back last week but igual she's gonna get baptized this saturday.
Diego went out of town on sunday so he couldnt come to church either, but Elder Ruiz and Elder Ramirez talked with his mom on tuesday (we had divisions) and she said she didnt have any problem with diego getting baptized and that she wanted to come to church too, but then they went on a trip. his dad gets home from a work trip on thursday so we're gonna talk with him to get permission so that diego can get baptized and pray that he can go to church this sunday so that he can get baptized before i leave (this saturday and next saturday are likely my last saturdays in reducto)
on tuesday we did divisions with the zone leaders, and i went to their area with Elder Villar. he's from chile and is three days older than me, but goes home in july cus in chile missionaries have been able to leave at 18 since 2011.
this week we did and last week we did service too. here in reducto the majority of the roads are dirt, and when it rains they get destroyed, and both times we fixed up the road going to/in front of a members house.
also sebastian is gonna start school again tomorrow so that he can go on a mission woo! he dropped out a while ago and is gonna do accelerated courses so that he can finish fast and go out sooner.
i know that this church is true and that God loves all his children and that He wants all his children to get baptized in the true church in the correct manner.
love Elder Woodfield

after cleaning the temple

doing service (machete and hoe)

me and angel teaching sebastian

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