Tuesday, September 2, 2014

May 5, 2014

manuel got baptized wooo! we were only able to teach him twice after his previous failed interview (once immediately after and once immediately before his second interview this friday) but we printed a sheet that has all the commandments with pictures and stuff to help him and it seems it worked. his baptism went pretty well, and it was combined with the other ward so there were 3 baptisms in total.

we didnt have any investigators in church on sunday, but we did have a pretty stellar week, especially on sunday after church. we werent able to work much on wednesday (elder Ruiz has a prosthetic leg and when it's raining hard his leg gets full of water and is really heavy) or on saturday (because of the baptism and something else that i'll be explaining shortly) but when we were working we were working a lot.

on friday we went to do service with derlis (former investigator). we cut down a bunch of weeds that he had near his house (thick weeds 6-8 ft tall; in guarani its called jujal (pronounced you yall)). Elder Ruiz brought his machete and derlis has a machete which has basically two feet of handle and one foot of blade, you swing it in wide arcs and just mow down the weeds. that was pretty fun, and pretty incredible how fast i could cut down thick weeds. i also used Elder Ruiz's machete to cut down some branches (like in the movies where people cut their way through the jungle - thats basically what i was doing) and i got and broke open multiple blisters on my hand, and there were a bunch of thorns too so my legs and hands got all cut up but anyways it was pretty fun. but on saturday Elder Ruiz was super sore and his leg was hurting so we couldnt go out to work as much as normal.

on sunday after church we found two awesome families that accepted a baptismal date and that really seem to have a lot of potential to progress so things should be going pretty well in the next few weeks.

today we're gonna go do service in the temple (cleaning and stuff). every monday the different districts of the mission rotate doing service and this is my first time (and it will be my first time being inside the temple in paraguay) so i'm pretty excited.

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