Tuesday, September 2, 2014

September 1, 2014

so i totally started training this week. it wasnt really unexpected at all so yeah i sort of expected it. so anyways on wednesday President talked to all the trainers a bit and then we met our companions. my companion is Elder Call, from wyoming. he's 18 years old and didnt know any spanish before going to the mtc, but he's learning pretty quick and has a strong testimony. we had a pretty tough week in that we werent able to teach a whole lot of lessons and none of our investigators came to church, but we got some good contacts that we should be able to teach and help in this coming week. due to the fact that before we were only working half the week in my area we had to liven it back up a bit again.
training Elder Call is reminding me a lot of how it was when i was in training - for example on wednesday we taught a less active young man and his friend, and Elder Call bore his testimony and told how he decided to come on a missoin and the Spirit was super strong, and i thought of the first time i was able to testify powerfully in a lesson, which really helped encourage me to keep going.

but anyways on saturday we went and taught Sergio (he is still in my area). i had already told Elder Call about him and when he was studying he found a scripture that he thought would help Sergio. i helped him plan how to present and explain the scripture, and then in language study we practiced it in spanish. we got to the lesson with Sergio who realized that Elder Call was new and just started talking to him in english. Elder Call ended up sharing most of his part in english which was pretty cool. but Sergio had read up to 1 Nephi 10, and said that he doesnt have any doubt that the book of mormon is true or that Joseph Smith is a prophet. we mentioned baptism and how it should be done by the authority of God and he said well i got baptized by immersion but i dont know if the guy had authority. he accepted being baptized again, and we invited him to church on sunday and he said that he doesnt want to hurt his relationship with the people that he works with on sundays so he wont be able to go to church on sundays. he asked if we could start holding meetings on saturdays too to accomodate the people that have to work on sundays. we promised that if he stopped working on sundays to be able to go to church that God would bless him and everything would work out but he didnt show signs of changing. so yeah he's a great investigator and he has a testimony but if he doesnt show any signs of progressing more towards going to church on sundays we'll probably have to stop teaching him pretty soon.
apart from that not much exciting happened this week. we studied a ton (since i'm training we study 4 hours every day - 1 hour of personal study, 2 hours of companionship study, and 1 hour of language study) and contacted a ton to be able to add a few more people to our pool of investigators. we went and visited a few old investigators again too, with varied results.

me and elder call

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