Tuesday, September 2, 2014

June 2, 2014

hello, this week was pretty great. deisy finally went to church woooo! i'm not sure if i've written about deisy before, but she's angels sister, and since we found their family she's wanted to come to church but she always worked on sundays. (she had a debt that she has to pay every monday and the only work she had was saturdays and sundays) last sunday she didnt work either but it was raining and she didnt want to take her son enzo (2 years) to church in the rain. on saturday we taught her about the gospel (baptism) and invited her to be baptized on the 21st of june and explained that she had to go to church these three sundays to be baptized on that day and she accepted everything and said she wanted to get baptized and go to church. her son always goes to church with angel and his family but this week was the first week that she went.

we also went to teach an inactive family where one of the kids is 8 and hasnt gotten baptized yet, and we committed them all to go to church, and he said he wanted to get baptized. his family didnt go to church but he went with his cousins, who live on the same street (about half the active members of the branch live in the same street, within about a block of each other).

also on monday we had a district activity and made tacos. one of the hermanas in my district has spicy taco seasoning and elder Yamberla and I were cooking the meat and we put a ton, so they were super spicy. i ate 5 or 6 and they were amazing but the next morning in the bathroom i regretted it a little bit.

changes are on wednesday and it's very likely that i'll be transferred, but this week Pte Agazzani changed the way we find out about transfers. before the zone leaders found out monday and told the district leaders and everybody found out in the district meeting tuesday morning, but now if we're gonna get transferred the assistants to Pte are gonna call us tuesday night to tell us, which is gonna be a bit wierd. next week you'll find out where i am

it wasnt quite as cold this week which was nice, but it was still a bit hard to do anything at night because everybody goes to sleep early. we either have to set solid appointments or walk around contacting people that we see in the street.

pictures: district activity

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