Tuesday, September 2, 2014

August 11, 2014

this week was a bit tough. nelly didnt get baptized, and didnt come to church either. she's passing through some hard times and Satan is really working against her. everything took a turn for the worse on friday, but i was on divisions in another area (we did divisions so that the district leader could do her interview) so i only heard about it.

nothing super cool happened this week so i'm gonna fill the email with a few less cool stories.

the zone leaders gave us a reference of a guy (sergio) they had talked to in their area when this transfer started, about 4 weeks ago. we looked for him and couldnt find him, but he saw the zone leaders a few more times and kept asking that we visit him. we made an effort but never found him. then on friday they called us and said alright you have to call him tomorrow at 10 in the morning and he's gonna explain where he lives. so i called him and we ended up finding him, and it was quite an interesting lesson. he's of jewish descent, was born in france, raised in argentina, and then moved to paraguay. he studied the torah thoroughly, studied with the Jehovah's Witnesses for a while (but doesnt like them cus they changed the bible) and currently considers himself adventist (not sure if i translated that correctly dont judge). but anyways 10 years ago or something he sat down in a park and found a book of mormon so he took it home. his favorite part is the guide to the study of the scriptures (basically a condensed bible dictionary + topical guide that replaces said resources in the spanish scriptures from the church) which he read from beginning to end various times. he fervently praised said guide saying it was the most complete and perfect and useful resource that he has found. he brought the book of mormon to a jewish rabbi and he said concerning the guide to the study of the scriptures that everything agreed with the old testament and was great. he said that there was evidence that somebody had left jerusalem in 600 BC but that there wasnt sufficient evidence to concretely say that it was Lehi and his family. sergio said he wants to go to church, but considers saturday the sabbath day so he has work on sundays but he's gonna talk to his boss to see if he can change his schedule. he's been to a lot of churches and likes the bible study and analysis they do but recognizes that they're all false, so he just needs to get work off on sundays and he'll come and likely get baptized.

the district leader also gave us a reference of a part member family that he was teaching but that now lives in our area. the dad is member, but his wife and kids no. the wife smokes but they all apparently want to get baptized (we havent taught them yet, just the information that we got) we have an appointment with them on tuesday so we'll see how it goes and hopefully be able to get a few more baptisms this transfer.

on sunday we went and talked to an old investigator in elder blacketts area and we were outside talking to them and then when we left an old slightly drunk guy sitting nearby said hi brother to us. we said hi back but its pretty normal that people say stuff like that (hola hermanos / hola elderes) to us so we didnt think much of it, but he called us over, said he wants to stop drinking and smoking and accepted a baptismal date, and basically everything else we told him too.

i know that this is the work of God and that there are people in every place that God is preparing to accept his gospel. there are people that every one of knows that are just waiting an invitation. we just gotta do our part and keep looking. like the brother of Jared prepared the stones so that God could touch them and make them give light, we have to do everything we can and then let God do the miracles.

Elder Woodfield

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