Tuesday, September 2, 2014

June 16, 2014

we found a miracle ite this week! on tuesday we had a zone conference and pte agazzani and the assistants basically just told us a bunch of stuff we needed to do better it was pretty incredible. but anyways in the conference they told us we needed to work more with the members, and especially look for less active members from the member list. they gave us a few minutes to put a member we were gonna look for in every day this week. on thursday we went to look for somebody, and we got to the house and a woman came out and said she was busy and couldnt talk to us right now. we werent sure if she was the member or not so we decided to be annoying and we kept clapping and waiting. she came out again and said that nobody was home. we went next door to ask and she told us the member was her aunt, and confirmed that we were in the right place. right then three people came out of the house of the member so we went to talk to them. turns out it was the son (guillermo) of the member, his girlfriend (mariana), and her dad. he was surprised to learn that his mom was member but still we put an appointment to go back and invited him to be baptized (we often put baptismal dates in contacts but approximately 1 out of 100 gets baptized) and he accepted. then his girlfriend revealed that shes a member too, but she got baptized in a different ward and then moved here with guillermo. we went the next day to visit guillermo, but the same woman from the first time came out and said that nobody was home. we had forgotten to ask guillermos number in the contact so we couldnt call him to see if he was really home or not. we were a bit disappointed but sometimes stuff like that happens. we decided to try again the next day. we got there and the same woman saw us but this time she asked if somebody had already come out to talk to us and went to get somebody. we talked with guillermos mom for a bit, and found that shes been inactive for five years but also that she had had an accident and isnt 100% mentally. but anyways we taught guillermo alone (his girlfriend was taking care of their baby who's sick) and he has an incredible desire to learn. he wanted to learn everything he could and understand everything. he also mentioned his baptismal date (people often dont remember, especially if it was just in a contact) which was cool. we explained that to be able to get baptized, he would have to si o si go to church. he seemed unsure and said that to go to church, he had wanted that we could talk with him and mariana together to invite them together, but he went to ask her and came back and said they were gonna go. they could only stay for two hours cus they had to give their baby its medicine but they liked church and guillermo is noticeably learning quite a bit. it was basically super incredible to be able to find them.

we also did a bunch of service this week. on tuesday when we were in the zone conference a recent convert called us and asked if we could help his mother in law move as the water was about to get to her house so right when we got back we went to help her move, and were helping from 4 until 9. also, moving takes on a whole new meaning in paraguay. we got there, and the first thing they asked us to do was take the roof off. we ended up taking apart the whole house and putting it in a truck, which they reassembled upon arriving at their destination. on thursday we went to help put an extra part on their house, so they could have a spot to wash their clothes.

we also had a few other investigators in church, but various have things impeding them from being baptized. one lives with her boyfriend and he has to get divorced so they can get married so she can get baptized. her brother in law came to church too though, who we taught once last week, so that was cool. another is an 11 year old kid, whose grandma and much of his extended family are members, but his mom wont give permission. francisco came but didnt get to church until after sacrament meeting. he should get baptized soon but were not sure exactly when cus he wants to get married to his girlfriend (member) and get baptized at the same time, but he doesnt want to get married until he finishes the house hes building.

also i had a talk in church on sunday. the branch president told another missionary to tell me but he didnt tell how much time to take, so i ended up preparing and talking quite a bit, but everybody told me it was a good talk.

its also likely that we move this week cus pte agazzani came to our apartment this week (he came to see the flooding in the other area) and said he wants us to move out of it as soon as possible.

i cant think of anything else cool that happened this week so here you go

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