Tuesday, September 2, 2014

July 7, 2014

this week was pretty swell. we had a baptism (francisco) but he didnt get confirmed cus he had a work emergency on sunday, so hopefully this sunday he comes so that we can confirm him.

we also have another baptism for this saturday. we did divisions on thursday and elder huntsman went in the other area in this branch. while there they found a less active member, and his son, whose not a member and who lives in our area. Elder Huntsman talked to the mom (whos also inactive) before i got here but then she moved, so we didnt know where there house was. but anyways we figured out where his house was and we've been teaching him a lot. we passed by his house on sunday morning and his mom came out and said that they had already left to go to church. his dad knows a ton (and came to church on sunday too) so he's helping him prepare for baptism. God prepared this baptism miraculously cus his mom used to go to the catholic church and made benjamin go to, but then she went to a work conference and her bosses just talked to them by skype and she realized that they were mormons, on a mission in brazil. after that she changed a ton and started to ask benjamin what he wanted to do - if he wanted to continue in the catholic church or if he wanted to get baptized in the LDS church.

we built a house on wednesday, that was pretty cool. the water keeps coming up so more and more people keep having to move. i was able to teach a guy who was helping us while we built, which was cool. he knows the bible really well, but hes not in my area (the other elders have proselyting rights to everyone who moved out of there area and are living in temporary houses, even if their house is in our area) but the other elders went to teach him already. 

analia didnt come again, and were not sure why as we called her sunday in the morning and she said she was gonna come, and she seemed really sincerely eager to come to church again and keep preparing to be baptized.

there was also another investigator in church, who was the friend of a member. the young men often play soccer together in the afternoons in the church and this investigator came and they invited him to church and he showed up. there was a youth fireside in the afternoon and his brother came to that.

also theres a group of young men and young women that are from the states that came to paraguay to do service, and they're going to be attending in our branch. they got here on friday, and are gonna be here for two weeks, and then there's gonna be two other groups. we went to the youth fireside yesterday to help translate (none of the youth speak spanish), so that the youth from the states and the paraguayan youth could get to know each other a bit better and learn a bit about the culture, and also taught sunday school - in english and spanish. Elder Fonseca (from costa rica) taught the class in spanish and Elder Huntsman translated everything in english, but one time he turned away from elder fonseca and started talking to the class, but said everything in spanish without even realizing it.

something cool happened this week too. all of our plans for 8:00 fell, and its a bit hard to work at that hour if you dont have appointments, but we were walking past stock (the supermarket) and elder huntsman said he just had a craving for soda, so we went in to get soda and we saw guillermo. he had cut his hair and was looking all fancy, and had his baby in his arms. then mariana came out of the bathroom, and they told us that they're together again, just living apart, and that they found work this week. we invited guillermo to church but he didnt come, and he doesnt really want to receive us in his house anymore cus his family is all atheist but it was pretty cool to have that happen and showed us that the spirit can speak to us in many ways - even at times through our stomach.

but anyways i know the church is true and that Jesus Christ is the savior of the world, and offers the salvation to everyone who's willing to do their part.

i have a lot of pictures this week:

this is... barrio obrero.

the home of cerro porteƱo

also we built a house

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