Tuesday, September 2, 2014

June 30, 2014

hi everybody

it rained a lot this week, so pretty much nothing happened.

cant think of anything else, so here you go.

just kidding but really it rained from tuesday til saturday and we couldnt really do much. on tuesday we were in a lesson outside of the investigators rented room, and it started raining so we went inside to finish, but then the power went out so we had to finish the lesson by the light of a cellphone. then it started raining a ton more and when we left the road was full of water. we managed to arrive to the sidewalk without getting our socks wet but then a bus came and sent a huge wave of water up on the sidewalk and our shoes got filled with water. at that point tuesday got a bit tough, cus it was raining, nobody had power, and it was already dark. going out of that lesson we still had to do two contacts, which was a bit tough, but with the help of the Spirit we managed to get them done. afterwards we were walking to our next appointment and we realized that only that part where we had been contacting had lost power, and we couldve walked 5 blocks more and easily done the contacts where people would be at least a bit more willing to come out and talk to us.

but anyways, we went to talk to analia and there was no power, so we just stood outside talking about a few things but then the power came so we went in to have a lesson. her daughter, cielo, has always read everything we leave in the book of mormon, but always when we invited them to be baptized or go to church she would say ''no i'm catholic and i already got baptized''. after the previous lesson we had left 3 Nephi 11 for cielo to read (where Christ teaches the Nephites how they should baptize) and on tuesday we invited her to get baptized and she accepted! i asked her why she accepted, and she said basically what angelica said the first time - ''i dont know, cus i like it''. we got home and told elder huntsman (we had been on divisions with the other two elders in the branch) and he agreed that it was a pretty incredible occurrence. they didnt come to church cus analia had to work and cielo said she couldnt come alone but si o si theyre gonna come this sunday.

nobody came to church except one members grandson whos not a member, so were gonna see if we can teach and baptize him.

we also found another miracle, we went on thursday to eat with the branches first counselor, and his daughter is less active and his granddaughter (guadalupe (or just lupe)) isnt a member. we had a lesson with his granddaughter and she wants to get baptized, but she couldnt come to church cus she went to visit her dad.

we went to eat with a recent convert too and when we got there they said ''we read in the word of wisdom that meat should only be used sparingly, so today we're not going to eat meat''. it was a pretty incredible evidence of the power that the gospel has to change people, and give up things that seem so harmless just because God says to do it.

i ate mondongo again this week, and a lot of mbeju, which is awesome. its made of mandioca flour, butter, and cheese. its basically just mixed all up til you just have small clumps, and then you make the small clumps together into about the size of a small pancake, and then you cook it. it gets nice and crispy outside and all melty on the inside and its super good, and only like 50 cents.

but anyways thats all, for real this time

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