Tuesday, September 2, 2014

May 26, 2014

this week was a bit crazy. to start off we had a baptism woooo! but in two days of the week i was out of my area doing splits. on thursday the district leader did divisions with elder Ruiz in our area and i went with elder Yamberla. on friday we did divisions with the zone leaders and i went to their area. it was cool and i learned a ton but it was super weird being out of my area for two days in a row. but anyways this week was super swell. on tuesday we went to the temple and did baptisms, confirmations and an endowment session. on wednesday we had district meeting which we usually have tuesday.
teresa got baptized!! the district leader did the interview on thursday in the splits and she passed just fine. on saturday i got back to my area around noon and we had to clean the font and fill it for the baptism at 4, so we werent able to do much. the hot water wasnt working so we had to boil water to pour into the font as it was filling with cold water. Ivan (the return missionary and nephew of teresa) said the water was freezing, but Teresa said she didnt feel cold, which was a miracle. she cant walk well so we had called someone to take her to the baptism but he wasnt answering his phone so we called someone else last minute and he was able to bring her. on sunday it was raining in the morning and nobody wanted to drive through the mud to pick her up so we ended up calling a taxi but everything went well. we're also not sure if her daughter is member or not (she got baptized at least once but it wasnt done right and we're not sure if it was repeated or not) so we're gonna figure that out and if she's not member we'll be able to baptize her this saturday.
Diego didnt come to church again, and said that his dad wants him to wait a bit before getting baptized (til he's 14) which is lame but we're doing all we can so that his dad will give permission (this week we're gonna teach diego about fasting and fast with him so that he can get baptized)
on tuesday and wednesday it was a bit hot, but since thursday it's been super cold. i go out with thermal underwear, a sweater, my suit coat and a jacket and im still cold. it wouldnt be so bad if it werent for the fact that paraguayans dont like the cold, and when the weathers like this, nobody wants to go out of there house, so the church attendance in the branch went down a bit and it's a bit harder to teach/contact.
something that's telling me that i've been in this area too long is that i'm starting to know the area of the district leader and zone leaders too. when i went with elder yamberla, i recognized most of the area, and i already knew a few of the people that we visited. the zone leaders have an investigator that they have taught three times in total, and i've been present in two of the three lessons, and i recent convert that i went to visit before she got baptized and that i have taught twice after her baptism. we have transfers next week (a week from wednesday) and its almost 100% that i'll be transferred, cus i've been her three transfers already and it's a pretty small area, and Elder Ruiz goes home after the next transfer so if i stay i'll have to stay for two more transfers. now we just gotta wait to see where God sends me.

 its cold and Elder Ruiz and I are unhappy


more baptism

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