Tuesday, September 2, 2014

August 25, 2014

this week was pretty swell. it was pretty tough in terms of numbers and i was sick all week but the weekend made up for it.

so this weekend we had stake conference. we hadnt been able to visit sergio again since the first time we visited him, as one saturday we work in my area and the other saturday in elder blacketts area, but on saturday he just came to my mind. i thought hey we cant bring him to church on sundays cus he always works but today theres church on saturday so he can come. we passed by to invite him, and later when we got to the church to wait for the bus to take us to stake conference, he had been the first one there. we went, he talked to the zone leaders a bit (who had given us the reference to visit him) and we sat down. the first few talks were about commandments and familys and stuff. one was about being self sufficient which was a theme he was really interested in. but the last talk gave the stake president and it was a great talk and sergio was quite impressed with it. when the stake president had like 5 minutes left the power went out, so then he just said the power went out but im just gonna talk louder so you can hear me. then he changed the last hymn to a well known one, told us to sing loudly (there was just a keyboard so there couldnt be any music to accompany) and he directed it. everybody sang louder than either of the first two hymns, which had had the keyboard, and it was super awesome and the Spirit was really strong. sergio liked everything and wants to keep coming and keep learning but his most stable job is on sundays.

on sunday it was gonna be a sattelite transmission from Salt Lake but at the beginning they couldnt get the transmission so the stake president spoke again and talked about the blessings and importance of going on a mission. he said something that i liked too - that the missionary work isnt the job of the missionaries. missionary work is the responsibility of every member, and the missionaries are just here to help the members fulfill with their missionary responsibilities. as he spoke, i was seated next to a recent convert who is super converted, he loves everything about the gospel and wants to keep all the commandments as well as he can. so i was next to him and just thinking ''dang, now he's gonna want to serve a mission'' (but he's married with three kids) then we went to eat lunch with them and he asked us if there was any chance that he could serve a mission. we explained that now he cant but when his kids go he can with his wife, and he said he wants to do that. also he got the Melchisedek priesthood yesterday and is super excited to get a calling.

since last sunday i was feeling a bit sick, and on wednesday everything hurt and i was super tired. we got home after walking a ton on wednesday and i told my comp that i didnt think i would be able to go out on thursday and just went straight to bed. then i woke up on thursday and felt a lot better so we got to work. now i just have a stuffy nose and a sore throat.

on friday we went and did service. kevin and edgar are just renting in my area, their house is really a lot more towards the river, but it was flooded. the water left their house already so we went and cleaned it. it was full of mud and toads, so we just threw buckets of cleanish water on the floor and swept out all the dirty water, and did that until we took out all the mud. their water wasnt working so we filled up the buckets with water from the front patio of their neighbor, whose house is a bit lower and is still full of water. after we finished edgar and his mom tried catching some fish in the water but didnt get anything. then we went and made pancakes with them.

transfers are this week. President Agazzani came to our apartment this week to bring us some new furniture and Elder Blackett asked him ''¿who's gonna train?'' and Pte answered that i am, so theres a good chance i'll start training this week. it should be a pretty great experience. i'm a bit disappointed that i wont be able to work in the other area anymore as we have some pretty great investigators there and kevin and edgar are gonna move there soon but i suppose thats what God wants. 

but anyways bye
Elder Woodfield

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